Incredible moment brave grandmother fights off violent carjackers who tried to steal her Audi

Incredible moment brave grandmother fights off violent carjackers who tried to steal her Audi
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A shocking clip of a 55-year-old grandmother fighting off two hooded carjackers has emerged, which shows the brave granny hurling punches at the thieves and swinging her handbag at them.

The CCTV footage of the incident, which occurred in Birmingham, UK, in daylight, shows two men in hoodies attempting to steal a blue AudiQ3 before the grandmother spots and launches her attack.

The thieves appear taken aback when the 55-year-old fights back to save her vehicle and throws a barrage of punches at them and strikes them with her handbag multiple times.

The footage initially shows a masked man approaching her from behind as she is about to unlock the front door to her house. The man eventually manages to snatch the keys of the car from her after a brief tussle and head towards the vehicle.

The grandmother then chases after them and can be seen fighting off the attackers as a passerby comes to her rescue, and both the men flee from the scene.

The granny, while talking to Birmingham Live, said: “I started to tussle with one. I wasn't sure who had the keys and was trying to prevent them from taking the car. I was shouting and screaming at the top of my voice for help.”

“My neighbor opposite heard the commotion and ran out to help confront them. They then gave up and ran off up the road to a waiting getaway car,” she added.

The woman also posted the footage of the incident on Facebook, which has now gone viral, according to reports. She captioned the post with: “Awful experience tonight and stupidly I fought back... but these scumbags can't be allowed to get away with doing this to us all.”

“What a degenerative society we are becoming where lowlifes think they can take what you've worked hard for,” she added.

The incident reportedly occurred on Monday this week at Foxhollies Drive, Halesowen. No arrests have been made in the case, West Midlands Police confirmed on Thursday.

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