Why Trump gave ‘Graduate Together 2020’ a miss? Viewers glad that Obama stole the show with 'classy' speech

Why Trump gave ‘Graduate Together 2020’ a miss? Viewers glad that Obama stole the show with 'classy' speech
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‘Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020’ not just provided the graduates a platform to share and celebrate their achievements despite the dire circumstances caused due to the pandemic, but the virtual special event curated by LeBron James also saw many prominent personalities share words of wisdom and encouragement with the high-schoolers as they prepare themselves to face the endless challenges posed by the global health crisis.

While the television special was graced by several prominent personalities, including Malala Yousafzai, Jonas Brothers, Julianne Moore and Barack Obama among many others, President Donald Trump wasn’t a part of it. However, Trump did not refrain from making his presence being felt completely as a few days ago, he shared an open letter wishing the graduates of 2020 luck for their future endeavors. In his letter which begins with, “Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! The First Lady and I are very proud of you.”, Trump has spoken about the “times of uncertainty the nation is experiencing” and how the graduates “leadership will be essential in the days and weeks to come in helping your fellow Americans recover from this hardship.”

However, former President Obama made the right use of the opportunity to deliver a powerful and inspiring speech, which touched upon issues including racism, lack of new administrative methods to deal with the situation and the need for the younger population to do what they think is right. On watching Obama speak, the viewers were quick to note that they were glad Trump wasn’t a part of the ceremony. While many believe that the former president’s speech was exactly what the graduates needed in the quarantine period, many are of the opinion that Trump could have never delivered a speech as good and inspiring as Obama’s.

“Oh, you know it. And true sociopaths can't STAND IT if someone is better at things than they are. Trump knows he will NEVER have the respect that Obama has from the world,” one viewer expressed while another said, “That was my exact thought while listening. I could never imagine Trump giving a speech with that content.”

Meanwhile, another viewer called Obama’s speech “Just classy AF”, adding “Would Trump EVER be capable in making and delivering a speech like this? Too bad now America is laughed at! Really shameful.”


Another one pointed out, "#PresidentObama will be giving 2 #CommencementSpeeches today for the entire graduating class of 2020. #Trump will spend his day tweeting #ConspiracyTheories, #lies, personal attacks & utter nonsense."

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