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'Graduate Together 2020': Barack Obama's speech is 'like a balm to the soul of the nation,' say viewers

Before concluding his speech, Obama told the graduates, to be able to fight the situation and figure what's next: 'Don't be afraid', 'Do what you think is right' and 'Build a community'
Barack Obama (Getty Images)
Barack Obama (Getty Images)

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the lives of people across the globe are embroiled in uncertainty. While those who were previously employed have lost their jobs as the pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, the new graduates are drowning in the fear of not finding employment opportunities owing to the dire circumstances caused by the health crisis. In order to lift the spirits of youth graduating schools and entering the new phase of life and fill them with much-needed hope, basketball legend LeBron James curated a special television program in collaboration with high school students and educators across the United States, including the American Federation of Teachers. 

'Graduate Together: America Honors the High School of Class of 2020' included several commencement addresses, celebrity performances and inspirational speeches by global leaders. The virtual graduation event concluded with former President Barack Obama who had valuable life lessons to share remotely with the 2020 graduates. Dropping words of wisdom, Obama said that one couldn't live by traditional ways as the ongoing global health crisis has led to a lot of uncertainty and the younger population especially needs to think of unconventional ways to make the world a better place. 

Referring to major upheavals in the economy, the former president said that the pandemic has shaken the status quo, eliminating the difference between the rich and poor as no one has been spared in the current situation. Before concluding his speech, Obama told the graduates, to be able to fight the situation and figure what's next: "Don't be afraid", "Do what you think is right" and "Build a community".
On hearing the former president's words during the special graduation event, people took to Twitter to express how much they miss him. While one follower wrote, "@BarackObama I miss you, the country misses you and we desperately need you to come back…," another shared, "Hearing President Obama it's just amazing. We all missed you. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA." Meanwhile, one of the 2020 graduates wrote, "thank you President @BarackObama! We miss your unending vision for unity, intellect, hope, class, warmth and compassion! You're a bright star In the midst of dark skies!" Another added, "His uplifting, inspirational speech and his kindness, wisdom and reassuring eloquence is just what we needed during this time of crisis. It was like a balm to the soul of the nation. Thank you, President."