Andrew Cuomo aide admits NY Dems hid Covid-19 deaths, Internet says he 'killed people and blamed it on Trump'

It was revealed that 9,000 hospital patients were sent to nursing facilities, 40% higher than official data released

                            Andrew Cuomo aide admits NY Dems hid Covid-19 deaths, Internet says he 'killed people and blamed it on Trump'
Melissa DeRosa's confession about Andrew Cuomo administration's Covid-19 coverup was made during a conference call with New York state Democrats (Getty Images)

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's top aide, on Thursday, admitted to hiding data on Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes amid fears that stats would be used against them in a Department of Justice investigation. Melissa DeRosa, strategist and a trusted aide to whom Mr Cuomo routinely turns for a reliable litany of figures and facts, has admitted that their administration 'froze' in August when asked for data detailing Covid-19 deaths among nursing home patients, and failed to provide the requested information. It was revealed that 9,000 hospital patients were sent to nursing facilities, 40% higher than official data released.

In a remarkable confession made during a conference call with New York state Democrats, obtained by The New York Post, DeRosa, whose mea culpa came shortly before the Associated Press published new detail into how many patients recovering from Covid-19 were sent back into nursing homes, asked for understanding from their critics. However, the Internet has been unforgiving, saying that Andrew Cuomo killed people and blamed it on Trump.



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New York state Gov. Andrew Cuomo (Getty Images)

"This isn't some big mystery Cuomo didn't use the USNS Comfort or Javits Center because he didn't want Trump to get credit He sent 9,000 infected patients into the nursing homes instead," said a Twitter user. "The idea that Cuomo belongs anywhere other than prison is indefensible at this point, though it was true a long time ago when some of us were trying to explain it to you. Instead he'll co-anchor his brother's CNN slot, I'm sure. More discerning minds can decide if that's the same," said another. "Will the @TelevisionAcad be revoking the Emmy they gave @NYGovCuomo now?," said a tweet.




The Daily Caller tweeted a montage of news organizations like CNN, MSNBC and NBC News covering the Covid shutdown in New York City: "Gov. Cuomo’s aide just admitted that they purposely hid nursing home data from the feds. We first reported that @NYGovCuomo’s health dept. was undercounting nursing home deaths back in May. This is what other media orgs were doing". Others started coming out with more information. "Back in May, the @DailyPoster first reported that Cuomo helped his health care industry donors shield nursing home execs from legal consequences for killing nursing home residents:… We were attacked for reporting our story. Now we learn this," said a tweet by David Sirota, founder of the Daily Poster.

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis sent out a series of tweets condemning Cuomo's mandate. She said, in her first tweet, "On May 7 when I first called for an investigation into @NYGovCuomo’s mishandling of nursing homes I was told I was pulling a political stunt." "Thousands died because of @NYGovCuomo’s unconscionable executive order mandating nursing homes take in COVID-positive patients. He must immediately resign & DoJ must continue its investigation into this to hold his administration accountable," she said in another tweet. Others have also brought said they had called out Cuomo earlier. "I gotta say, calling out Cuomo months and months ago was worth the abuse," tweeted a journalist.






US Representative from New York Andrew Garbarino released his full statement on the New York post's recent report, saying that Cuomo not only recklessly put New York seniors in harm's way, but along with his administration, also hid the facts from the Department of Justice. "This, along with the refusal to respect the several Freedom of Information Law requests, turned a misjudgement policy into what very well may be one of the largest criminal cover-ups in New York's history," read the statement.\


'Happened on Fauci's watch'

Anthony Fauci, director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at NIH (Getty Images)

It wasn't just Cuomo and his administration who were under fire. Netizens called out Dr Anthony Fauci, who is the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden, for hiding information. "Dr Fauci never said a word about Cuomo sending infected patients into nursing homes. We had daily press conferences. This happened on his watch too," said a tweet. Another shared a picture of the headlines of a July 2018 article by the CNBC, headlined 'Fauci holds up New York as model for fighting coronavirus — ‘They did it correctly'’, and a tweet which read, "Just so we are clear... the same Dr Fauci that said this. But came out today that Cuomo was purposely hiding nursing home data from the feds. Wild world [w]e live in"



"Both #Cuomo & #Fauci are #frauds & #traitors to America & must be indicted for their corruption, fraud, collusion, negligence & malpractice causing #Covid geriatric #genocide in #NY #NJ #CA nursing homes & elsewhere in America," said a Twitter user, while another quipped, "When the whole truth on Fauci is revealed- it will make Cuomo’s criminality look like child’s play!". "Doesn't look like he though Cuomo lying wasn't a big deal. Or is Fauci saying that more deaths was the goal?", said another.




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