GOT7 singer Youngjae accused of bullying at school, fans argue K-pop star 'can't even hurt a fly'

GOT7 singer Youngjae accused of bullying at school, fans argue K-pop star 'can't even hurt a fly'
Youngjae (Getty Images)

Youngjae, member of South Korean K-pop boy band GOT7, is in the news, but not for the right reasons. According to multiple reports, the singer has been accused of bullying while at school by an anonymous online account. The allegation, which first surfaced on October 20, 2020 in a GOT7 online community post, was made by an anonymous labeled 'A'. This anonymous claimed to be Youngjae's classmate at Mokpo Technical High School.

The anonymous account's allegation further stated that they had hearing and learning disabilities but were bullied by Youngjae. The user 'A' said that they were subjected to unreasonable hitting and stealing of possessions by the K-pop idol for no reason whatsoever, as reported by KpopStarz. They added they decided to come out as they are tired of seeing Youngjae pretend to be good while on TV.

JYP Entertainment, the company that manages GOT7, responded to the allegations saying, "We are currently looking into the situation and will release an official statement once facts have been confirmed."


As soon as Ahgases (GOT7 fandom) found out about the controversy, they immediately disregarded and debunked the allegations. One Twitter user and fan of Youngjae said, "Don’t let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice! YOUNGJAE  BEST BOY / YOUNGJAE BEST VOCALIST / YOUNGJAE OUR SUNSHINE," while another, firmly defending the singer, tweeted, "Youngjae who is a kind soul, who is an organ donor, who also donates to stray dogs fund and is sensitive to such things, bullied somebody who has learning and hearing abilities? JYP release an official statement right now before I burn that whole building down.
Stay safe youngjae."

A different fan wrote, "I'm sorry but Youngjae a school bully? This man can't even hurt a fly so make it make sense." One more fan aggressively said, "Youngjae did not bully or beat up a disabled person. Koreaboo out here lying on my mans name. Youngjae didn't even go to the school mentioned which was MOKPO. They always wanna do s**t like this during comeback season. They should be sued for slander and defamation of character."

Sayin that Youngjae didn't really attend school, a fan wrote, "And the way they all said Youngjae was a bully but we all know he isn't cause the guy was so damn busy with part time jobs and vocal lessons that he even rarely attend school," while another 'stana' added, "look as a JYP groups stan, I know JYP does their best to keep a clean image. They kicked out an extremely promising trainee the second someone accused him of being a bully in the past...I really don't think Youngjae did that stuff, plus they even mentioned a school he didnt even go to."







Youngjae was born in 1996 and is 24 years old. He debuted as a member of GOT7 in 2014 as the main vocalist. He has earlier been praised for his kindness like last year when he helped a fan scared of commuting home. The fan, originally from Gyeonggi Province, attended a GOT7 event in Daegu. Youngjae not only checked train schedules for her, but also made sure she reached home safe and comfortable.

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