'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted' review: Famed chef's travels to Laos and Alaska are the highlight of the season

While he fished standing at the edge of a waterfall in Laos, in Alaska, he learned how to harvest floating glaciers to make the perfect cocktails.

                            'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted' review: Famed chef's travels to Laos and Alaska are the highlight of the season

**Spoiler Alert**

Gordon Ramsay has become a household name for his numerous cooking shows, including MasterChef, and with the latest National Geographic show 'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted', he is venturing into 'Parts Unknown' territory after the death of Anthony Bourdain. 

Struggling through tasks that not many can succeed at first try, Ramsay has managed to make it through each episode successfully, marshalling never seen before skills. 

Over the past four weeks, we have seen Ramsay travel through Peru, New Zealand, Morocco, and Maui.  

We've seen him rappel down waterfalls to search for mushrooms, holding onto his dear life as he climbed up a 100 ft mango tree, eat worms from a cactus, dive underwater and forage for sea urchins, go spearfishing, pick taro and much more. Overall we saw him crawl out of his comfort zone -- which is the kitchen, and travel to uncharted locations around the world, widen his horizon, and learn the local way of doing things.

Laos - Gordon Ramsay makes his way down a challenging river with strong whirlpools and rapids. (Humble Pie Rights Limited/Justin Mandel)

Through this experience, the famed chef, who is known for screaming 'idiot sandwich' at his series contestants, learned about local ingredients, techniques, and cultures of each destination he visited. 

Though he did face backlash for hunting a mountain goat, and for being a bit offensive to the natives about the delicacies he found disgusting, during the last two episodes of season 1 of 'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted', he really upped his mark and it's safe to say that these two episodes will be the highlight of the entire season.

Laos - Toe biters on traditional bamboo skewers. (National Geographic/Jock Montgomery)

During this week's episode that will air on Sunday evening, we will see Ramsay travel to Laos, and make his way down the Mekong river which is a vital source of food for the country. Standing at the edge of a slippery cliff at Khone falls, where the water gushes down at a million liters per second, Ramsay tries to catch fish. While he makes his dangerous way down a river with strong rapids just to reach a village so he can forage for ingredients to prepare a meal for the monks, Ramsay dives underwater for snails, eats toe biters on a skewer and also learns to make the best base for whiskey. 

In the final episode of the season, we see the famed chef travel to Alaska, during its cold winters, when it is very hard to source food. With storms approaching, and the sea uncalm, Ramsay goes on an icy adventure despite the freezing temperatures. The best part about this episode is seeing Ramsay climb a 60 ft standalone cliff to pick old man's beard off the tree branches to make a hot cup of tea. He tries to hunt for grouse and deer, but sadly doesn't accomplish it. Hoever, he successfully completes an adventurous season of 'Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted'. 

Alaska - After a crash course in climbing, Gordon Ramsay ascends a 60-foot cliff to pick old man's beard which hangs from tree branches. (Humble Pie Rights Limited/Justin Mandel)

Doing everything the Alaskan way, as disgusting as it might look, we also see Ramsay blow through raw, bloody, seals lungs to make it soft while he braids the intestines. We also see him learn how to harvest floating glaciers to make the perfect cocktails. 

With the series renewed for season 2, it is going to be quite exciting to see which uncharted locations the Michelin star chef takes us next. 

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