'Good Trouble' Season 2B Episode 13: Callie's relationship with Jamie is at crossroads while Mariana moves on

'Good Trouble' Season 2B Episode 13: Callie's relationship with Jamie is at crossroads while Mariana moves on
Callie and Mariana Adams Foster (Freeform)

Spoilers ahead for episode 13 of 'Good Trouble' 2B

Apart from its realistic portrayal of multiple social issues, Freeform's 'Good Trouble' has earned a spot among some of the best television shows for beautifully showcasing the idea of family.

Questioning the norms of conventional kinships, the series touches upon various facets associated with human emotions and shows how one can find a family outside blood relations.

In Season 2B, we see the Foster sisters drift away from each other as they pursue their individual interests. In the previous episode, Callie (Maia Mitchell) decides to move in with Jamie permanently, taking the next big step in their relationship. 

However, Callie didn't have too long to cherish her new life as she learns that her boyfriend represents the company that owns the development group which is being targeted by the legal aid that Callie works at.

When Callie tries to make Jamie understand the harm his company's upcoming project can cause the public, he simply asks her to take herself off the lawsuit for a solution stating, "I think I have more to lose than you do".

Callie is rather taken aback by his treatment of her career and decides to take a step back from the relationship. She tells Jamie she wants to move out, as only that could save their relationship which is deeply entangled in conflicting interests.

Meanwhile, Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) decides to take the fall to save her colleagues' jobs by admitting to her boss that she disclosed the information about the much-prevalent discriminatory wage gap in her organization. 

Much to her surprise, the company chooses to retain her, overlooking the mishap she caused, only because she is a valuable employee. She eventually learns that Evans turned himself in, only to protect Mariana, which she is unable to comprehend. 

Episode 13 of 'Good Trouble' 2B sees fate turn the tables on Callie, as she goes to The Coterie to ask Mariana if she can move back in, only to see that her sister has already found a roommate. 

The episode ends with a cliffhanger, leaving us wondering about Callie's next move. Not only did her desire for independence cost her the relationship with Mariana, but she will also lose a family in The Coterie if she fails to find accommodation within the communal space. 

Episode 14 of 'Good Trouble' Season 2B airs on January 30 on Freeform.


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