'Good Trouble' Season 2B Episode 11: Malika and Judge Wilson’s dispute puts Callie in a tough spot

'Good Trouble' Season 2B Episode 11: Malika and Judge Wilson’s dispute puts Callie in a tough spot
Malika (Freeform)

Apart from touching upon issues associated with gender inequality, body positivity, substance abuse, and Black Lives Matter, ‘Good Trouble’ Season 2B’s Episode 11 saw the characters entangled in an emotional turmoil. 

Malika takes part in a BLM (Black Lives Matter) protest despite having a restraining order issued against her by Judge Wilson. When the peaceful protest sees the presence of Wilson, it soon turns into a war ground, with the cops arresting the participants, including Malika. 

When Callie learns about the new drama an already troubled Malika has gotten herself involved in, she approaches Judge Wilson to spare her friend from prison time. However, fate doesn’t serve in Callie’s favor as Wilson’s son ends up committing suicide or overdosing on a certain drug, which is yet to be investigated. 

Callie is haunted by moral ambiguity as Wilson is in no position to reconsider Malika’s case, but Callie is determined to help Malika escape her time in prison, which could amount anywhere close to two years. 

Meanwhile, Malika’s boyfriend Isaac is furious with her for taking part in the protest despite being asked to stay away. So much so that he tells Malika he can’t believe her any longer and walks away. Unable to comprehend everything disastrous happening in her life, Malika attempts to drown her sorrows in alcohol and Dennis’ company. 

The episode also sees Wilson forcing the cops to find out who sold the drugs to his dead son, going beyond the limits of the law. Callie in the midst of all this finds herself helpless as she needs to consider the feelings of a father who just lost his son, and her best friend whose life is clearly crumbling down. 

Will Callie be able to choose between Wilson and Malika? While one of the actions is capable of jeopardizing her career, the other might lead to her losing a dear friend, who dug her own grave by getting involved in the BLM protest. 

The next episode of ‘Good Trouble’ Season 2B will air on January 22 on Freeform.


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 Good Trouble Season 2B Episode 11 Malika Wilson’s dispute puts Callie in a tough spot