'Good Sam's Marc Camacho speaks about playing an editor's role and recreating a newsroom environment in the show

'Good Sam's Marc Camacho speaks about playing an editor's role and recreating a newsroom environment in the show

Netflix's latest feel-good flick 'Good Sam' follows "bummer-beat" reporter Kate Bradley as she tries to uncover the mystery of the good Samaritan who leaves bags of cash on random doorsteps in New York. The film revolves around the mystery, and the characters are also based on the plot, like Tiya Sircar's reporter role of Bradley and Marc Camacho's character David. David is the editor at the news channel where Bradley is working and is the one who assigns the good Samaritan story to her.

Marc Camacho in 'Good Sam' (Source: YouTube)

The film successfully recreates the frenzy of a newsroom along with its politics and internal conflicts and Camacho's character David is integral to the newsroom environment. "The entire newsroom and all the actors that helped create it was just so much fun to work with. Creating that kind of hectic atmosphere was a lot of fun and a lot of it depends on dialogue," said the Canadian actor in an exclusive with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW).

Referring to the namesake book by Dete Meserve that 'Good Sam' is based on, Camacho added: "Thanks to Dete, that (dialogues) was handed to us on a silver platter. And any day you get to exchange dialogues with Tiya, is a good day."

Bradley and David share a relatable and amiable reporter-editor relationship in the film, with agreeable tiffs as well as camaraderie. We get to see that David looks out for Tiya and tries to go the extra mile to let her get on with her story, even when often, he may have to bear the brunt for it. About his off-screen relationship with actor Tiya Sircar, Camacho said: "Working with Tiya, it was just so easy to develop that kind of a relationship. It was an immediate camaraderie, right from day one."

"David really believed in Kate, that she could handle the story," the actor continued about their on-screen personae. "But he was under a lot of pressure from the higher-ups. But it just so happened that the 'Good Sam' story would just follow Kate around."


'Good Sam' also stars Marco Grazzini, Jesse Camacho, Kenny Wong, Elana Dunkelman, and Daniela Sandiford,  and is directed by Kate Melville.

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