Good Sam's Chad Connell says chemistry between Tiya Sircar and him could not be faked

Good Sam's Chad Connell says chemistry between Tiya Sircar and him could not be faked

'Good Sam', Netflix's latest "feel-good" flick, dropped on May 16 and focuses on a mysterious good Samaritan who starts leaving wads of cash on random doorsteps in New York.

The film is essentially a romantic whodunit and revolves partially around the relationship that blossoms between its two main characters, Kate Bradley and Eric Hayes.

Bradley, played by Tiya Sircar, is a "bummer beat" reporter who gets assigned to cover the good Samaritan story as a break from her otherwise risky, breaking news stories. Hayes comes in as a central character to the plot who also falls in love with Bradley.

Tiya Sircar and Chad Connell in 'Good Sam' (Source: YouTube)

Hayes' character is played by actor Chad Connell who has previously appeared in 'Crawford' and 'Shadowhunters'. The character is based on a real person, "a rescue worker in Los Angeles who flies all over the world to help people in wildfires or earthquakes," Chad Connell said in an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW).


As a kid, Connell had himself dreamed about becoming a firefighter. "When I imagined being a firefighter as a kid, I think it was more about the sirens and trucks," said the actor. 

The film features a dreamy scene featuring Bradley and Hayes sharing a kiss in Central Park.

Speaking about the chemistry between the two lead actors, Connell said: "I like to tell myself I’m a good enough actor that even if I didn’t have chemistry with my co-star I could still manage to pull it off, but I gotta admit there probably isn’t a way to fake chemistry like Tiya and I had in real life."

The actor considers himself lucky that "that part of the job was done" for him. "Virtually all of my scenes were with Tiya, so I really looked forward to going into set each day," he said.

Chad Connell (Photo credits: Lane Dorsey)

Connell added that he apologized to Sircar's boyfriend on the sets. "Although I did throw out an apology to her boyfriend, who was sitting behind me during the screening— he assured me no hard feelings," he said.

Connell also said that his favorite line from the movie is when Kate asks Eric why he didn’t just tell people where the money came from and he says "I thought they'd enjoy more if they weren’t weighed down with where it came from."

'Good Sam' is based on a book of the same name by Dete Meserve. The film is directed by Kate Melville and also stars Marco Grazzini, Jesse Camacho, Marc Camacho, Kenny Wong, Elana Dunkelman, and Daniela Sandiford. 

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