'Good Omens' trailer: Neil Gaiman's show depicts the tale of the Good and the Fallen Angel

The David Tennant and Michael Sheen starring show 'Good Omens' was Terry Pratechett's last wish to turn the novel into a full-fledged TV show.

                            'Good Omens' trailer: Neil Gaiman's show depicts the tale of the Good and the Fallen Angel

Right before dropping the trailer for 'Good Omens' which deals with a strange bond between the Good Angel and the Bad Angel, the cast of the show along with creators Neil Gaiman and Douglas MacKinnon gave their fans an exclusive look into the first teaser of 'Good Omens,' sharing some interesting facts about the show. Starring David Tennant (whose show 'Camping' is set to release on October 14 on HBO) and Michael Sheen, the story unfolds itself exposing what happens after the Antichrist goes missing. 

The NYCC 2018 panel opened its door to the audience with the 'Queen' track, 'You're My Best Friend' from the 1975 album 'A Night At the Opera,' which is a recurring presence in the trailer. Moderated by Whoopie Goldberg, the panel which was held at the Hulu theatre in Madison Square Garden discussed the long-awaited series with the audience. While almost most of the panel have been fans of Gaiman's works, the sheer boldness of the script was something which had attracted Tennant and Sheen in the first place. Tennant and Sheen take the center stage in 'Good Omens' as they enact the characters of Crowley and Aziraphale (respectively).

The cast and the creators discuss 'Good Omens' at NYCC 2018. (Todd Williamson)


The trailer shows that the two, the angel and the fallen angel (demon), have been together since the beginning of time, and while it is difficult to put a name on their complicated relationship, Crowley and Aziraphale have to prepare for the apocalypse at the time when "the end is nigh." While both Tennant and Sheen are typically clothed in their respective black and white shades, it is the crash of the bizarre and the unearthly into the atmosphere of the ordinary which sets the show apart. The trailer has already established that both actors will share some charming on-screen chemistry when their contrasting personalities are placed against each other. 



During the panel discussion, Sheen had mentioned that in the middle of the story there are these two extraordinary beings who have been trying to exist in the human world for the past several thousand years. Sheen and Tennant have both agreed that it was during the third episode that the show explored the entirety of the duo's relationship.

Gaiman, who wrote the novel in collaboration with Terry Pratchett, explained that it was Terry's last wish to see the story taking shape on the screen. Regarding Terry, who passed away in 2015, Gaiman said, "And then a few years ago Terry [Pratchett] and I thought it might be a really good idea to try it as television… and then Terry asked me if I would write it. He’d never asked me for anything... And he sent me a letter saying ‘you have to do this because I don’t have very long to live and I want to see it before the lights go out.'"


Gaiman explained that it was Terry's wish to see the book turn into a script. (Todd Williamson)


Gaiman's sense of characterization and his tendency to portray basic human emotions through unearthly creatures have found prominence in the new trailer. However, one of the chief components in the trailer is the 'Queen' track which goes completely opposite to how Aziraphale would describe his relationship with Crowley. The song is a running joke in the film, and Gaiman explained the reason behind it, "Terry Pratchett and I had a joke before either of us started writing the book. We both noticed that despite the fact that we couldn’t remember having ever bought Queen’s Greatest Hits it was there in the car. So we just started our theory that any cassette left in the car long enough turned into the Best of Queen.”

Check out the trailer here:



We don't know about the rest of the cast, but David Tennant surely is on a roll with his upcoming show 'Camping' being just around the corner. Unlike 'Good Omens,' 'Camping' will see Tennant in a whole different role as a submissive husband who is pulled into the camp by his controlling wife, to celebrate his 45th birthday. Only a few days later his other show 'There She Goes' will release on BBC 4 on October 16, and the show will once again see Tennant as a family guy. Both the shows will certainly be a refreshing take on Tennant as an actor who is otherwise known to have played some rather fantasy characters.