'Good Omens' actor Sam Taylor Buck says eating ice-cream was the toughest challenge for the son of Satan

'Good Omens' actor Sam Taylor Buck says eating ice-cream was the toughest challenge for the son of Satan

On May 31, Neil Gaiman's 'Good Omens' premiered on Amazon Prime Video. The show, much like the 1990 book by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, is based on 'Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch' and was received positively from fans and new audiences alike. Michael Sheen (who plays Aziraphale, an angel) and David Tennant (who plays Crowley, a demon) star in this comedy about the birth of the son of Satan, who is funnily christened Adam (played by Sam Taylor Buck, and the Armageddon.

The angel and demon duo, more than content with their mortal lifestyles on Earth, do not want the Armageddon to take place. Having lived on Earth for centuries, the duo loves everything the planet has to offer — even humans. And so they set out to sabotage the coming of the "End Times".

Sam Taylor Buck as Adam on 'Good Omens'

Adam, knowingly and unknowingly, plays a big role in the entire drama. Played by 14-year-old Sam Taylor Buck, Adam is like any other regular child and doesn't show signs of being the devil incarnate.

Speaking exclusively to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Taylor Buck says, "Adam is essentially a normal kid in a sort of idealized way, but obviously because he is the son of Satan, he has demonic and hellish impulses built into him, and that forces him and his friends into conflict. I think it if wasn't for the conflict, he'd quite like having his supernatural powers. I think he strives for a world where everything works quite well and it's fun."

Everything, in fact, goes well till Adam discovers his powers, which causes conflict between him and his dearest friends. Adam finds himself angry with how the adults keep messing with the planet to the extent that they have caused irreparable deterioration. It is Agnes Nutter's last descendant Anathema Device, a witch who teams up with Aziraphale and Crowley to stop the end of the world, who shows Adam how humanity has ruined the earth by giving him magazines named 'New Aquarians' to read — unknowingly, of course. "I think he is angry once he meets Anathema and she tells him more about what's happening with the world. It's when he starts reading the 'New Aquarians' that he realizes what's going on."



Things were difficult for Taylor Buck as well. "The ice-cream eating scene was toughest!" he says. "There were just endless ice creams that I had to eat, and that scene was shortly followed by a lolly eating scene which posed the same problems… I got brain freeze and felt quite sick. Also, the harnesses for all the flying stuff were really uncomfortable. When we were shooting in the airfield, it was very cold too, and they kept trying to put tights on me — under my shorts — I thought that was just ridiculous… But it was just them looking after me really. Between takes, they brought us puffer jackets and hand-warmers."

Adam goes back to his regular self after the Armageddon is successfully avoided. In fact, he goes scrumping to avoid being grounded! About his work in the future, Taylor Buck can't say much but promises to be back on the screen soon.

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