'Goliath' Season 3: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about the Amazon show starring Billy Bob Thornton

'Goliath' Season 3: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about the Amazon show starring Billy Bob Thornton

After two successful seasons, 'Goliath' is back with its third season. The popular legal drama is part of Amazon Prime's October lineup. The web series follows lawyer Billy Mc Bride (Billy Bob Thornton) as he battles Goliaths (read big baddies) inside the courtroom and sometimes, even outside it.

Speaking at the launch of season 3, Vernon Sanders, Co-Head of Television at Amazon Studios, said: "Goliath‘s first two seasons were loved by our Prime Video clients, and I am thrilled, that we can give them the fresh season of this bright and surprising legal drama.”

Release date:

'Goliath' is scheduled to premiere on Amazon Prime Video October 4.


The series is a legal drama that follows Billy Bob Thornton's character Billy Mc Bride, the reluctant hero (with drinking issues), who fights for the little guy in courtrooms against the "Goliaths" who seem too big to take down. In the first season, Mc Bride took down his former law partner, while in season 2, he faced the baddies from the drug business who have close ties with the city's ruling political elite.


In Season 3, Mc Bride heads out of the city to the drought-stricken Central Valley to investigate the unexpected death of an old friend who falls into a sinkhole. As he investigates, he realizes billionaire rancher played by Dennis Quaid ('The Day After Tomorrow') and his sibling, played by Amy Brenneman ('The Leftovers') are the Goliaths he has to go up against to get justice for his friend. The official season three description reads, "As Billy and his team pursue the truth, old enemies and personal demons resurface, forcing him to confront his own mortality."


Billy Bob Thornton as Billy Mc Bride in a still from Goliath 'Season 3' (Source: Amazon Prime)

Billy Bob Thornton plays the washed-out lawyer Billy McBride in the series. 'Goliath's' first season won him the Best Actor TV Drama at the 2017 Golden Globes. He is best known for his role in 'Monster's Ball' and the TV series 'Fargo'. 


Actor Dennis Quaid reportedly began dating Laura Savoie a couple of months ago. (Source: Getty Images)

Dennis Quaid has been cast as the billionaire rancher and chief antagonist on the show. He is known for his roles in the 'The Parent Trap', 'Frequency', 'Traffic', and 'The Day After Tomorrow'.

Amy Brenneman in 'The Leftovers' (Source: IMDb)

Amy Brenneman has been cast as the rancher's sister who also plays an antagonistic role in this season's plotline. Her breakthrough role was on 'NYPD Blue' for which she was nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards.

She also won three Golden Globe Awards and was nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards for 'Judging Amy', a show she created and starred in. She is also known for her roles on 'Private Practice' and 'The Leftovers'.


Other cast additions include Beau Bridges, Griffin Dunne, Shamier Anderson, Graham Greene, Illeana Douglas, Julia Jones, and Leslie Grossman. Returning cast members, besides Thornton, include, Nina Arianda (as Patty Solis-Papagian), Tania Raymonde (as Brittany Gold), Diana Hopper (as Denise McBride), Ana de le Reguera (as Mirasol Silva) and Julie Brister (as Marva Jefferson). 


David E Kelly is a television writer and producer, known for creating hit shows like 'Picket Fences', 'Chicago Hope', 'The Practice', 'Ally McBeal', 'Boston Public', 'Boston Legal', 'Big Little Lies', and 'Mr. Mercedes'. He wrote 'Goliath' with Jonathan Shapiro, a writer, producer, attorney and former Assistant U.S. Attorney. The series' showrunner is Lawrence Trilling. 





After showing some classic reluctance, Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thornton) reconsiders the case and finds himself driving to Central Valley that is facing a drought. But as McBride stands over the sinkhole, he hears the story of how the farmer's wife (and McBride's friend) fell into the sinkhole.

The cause is the gigantic tunnel-like drill holes that "suck the water" right out of the ground. The Goliath of the season is introduced, the billionaire rancher, Wade (Dennis Quaid), who is the biggest farmer in the area.  After a short interlude that shows McBride exploring the mysterious underground tunnels and meeting Wade's sister (Amy Brenneman), McBride finally confronts Wade, who doesn't like lawyers poking around.

After offering to settle, he promises to "saddle up" since McBride doesn't want to settle and doesn't look too intimidated either. The stakes are set - Billy McBride is going up against "some of the biggest law firms in the state representing one of the wealthiest men in the country". 


McBride accuses Wade of privatizing a public resource for his own financial gain that Wade counters is "perfectly legal". But McBride asks him to wait till the jury decided what was legal. Wade and his sister are shown in a series of shots where Amy Brenneman's character tells Wade, "Nothing can stop us". 

The rest of the scenes show quick shots of other characters and one ominous shot of Billy McBride running away from an avalanche of water flooding the underground tunnel. As one of the characters says, "Nothing is what it seems". 

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