Goldie Hawn cries three times a day thinking about the 'abuse and anger' happening during coronavirus lockdown

The 74-year-old actress said she and her partner Kurt Russell are fortunate to live in a "rarefied world" but others are not so lucky

                            Goldie Hawn cries three times a day thinking about the 'abuse and anger' happening during coronavirus lockdown
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Goldie Hawn has said she feels "tremendously saddened" over the way people have been forced to live their during the COVID-19 lockdown.

While appearing on Thursday's episode of ‘Good Morning Britain’ with hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, the 74-year-old actress said she has been crying three times a day lately. Explaining further, Hawn said: “We are very lucky and I’m incredibly grateful, but I do feel tremendous angst and tremendous sadness. I find every day I cry probably three times a day because it hurts me to think that there is abuse going on, anger going on and this all has to do with confinement, fear, and uncertainty about what is going to happen. It’s catastrophizing.”

During the conversation, ‘The First Wives Club’ star acknowledged that her and her partner Kurt Russell’s lives in quarantine were different from most people’s because “we are in a rarefied world, we have lovely houses and places to be, my family live very close and we do a lot of social distancing.” 

Hawn is an advocate of mental health. She is also the founder of MindUp, a mental health foundation for children started in 2003. Last week on her Instagram page, she announced a laughing challenge, calling her followers to send her videos of people laughing. In an April interview with The Guardian, Hawn talked about how to be positive during the coronavirus lockdown as most of the cities around the world are facing the pandemic.

She advised people to “think of three things that went well today” before they go to bed. “I don’t care if it’s a little crazy thing – it doesn’t matter. Take some music you love and if you can’t dance, go do 10 minutes of jumping jacks. Get yourself all cheered up,” she added. She also focused on the power of meditation during the interview, saying it helped her to “stabilize” her mind.

Meanwhile, a few days ago, Hawn flaunted her toned body as she grooved to Dua Lipa’s number in a trampoline dance workout. The star grooved to Lipa’s 'Let’s Get Physical,' while dancing on the trampoline. Through her dance video, she tried to inspire people in quarantine to shake a leg while working out as she shared a video of her impressive dance moves on Instagram.

“My crazy @mindup mindful movement for today. Dance, jump and twirl like nobody’s watching … and thanks @dualipa for the best addition to my trampoline playlist!” Hawn said in the caption of the post shared on Wednesday, May 13.

For the dance routine, the mother-of-three wore an all-black ensemble to perfectly accentuate her figure, which seemed really fit for someone in their 70s. Hawn managed to keep a perfect balance on the trampoline, not falling off once throughout the video. The blonde beauty, who is a talented dancer, also celebrated International Dance Day in April as she posted a compilation video of her best dance routines in movies over the years, including 'Housesitter,' 'Overboard,' 'First Wives Club' and 'Everyone Says I Love You'. “Happy International Dance Day. Never stop dancing,” Hawn captioned her post.

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