Golden Globes 2020: Stellan Skarsgard wins Best Supporting Actor for HBO's 'Chernobyl'

Golden Globes 2020: Stellan Skarsgard wins Best Supporting Actor for HBO's 'Chernobyl'
Stellan Skarsgård (Getty Images)

The 77th annual Golden Globes is on in full swing and the best of cinema and television over the year 2019 is being celebrated right now. The awards are being announced, and Stellan Skarsgard has walked away with Best Supporting Actor in a series, limited series or TV Movie for 'Chernobyl'.

This is his first nomination and win at the awards ceremony for his role as Boris Shcherbina in HBO's critically acclaimed miniseries. 

The other nominees in the category were:

Alan Arkin, “Kominsky Method”
Kieran Culkin, “Succession”
Andrew Scott, “Fleabag”
Henry Winkler, “Barry”

The 68-year-old actor said he was initially quite "assured" he wouldn't win and that he already said his thanks to everyone but in his winning speech he did not forget to thank one particular person and that was Chernobyl's hair, makeup and prosthetics designer. "I should, though, thank one person and that is Milos Forman, who said to me a couple of years ago, 'Stellan, I've seen so many films with you, but I never remember your face!'" he said. "And I realized it was because I don't have any eyebrows, nobody could tell if I'm angry or surprised it's not like Colin Farrell. You can tell if he's angry 20 miles away, but for this film, Daniel Parker made a couple of eyebrows for me!"


Directed by John Renck, 'Chernobyl' is a historical TV drama series that focussed on the nuclear disaster that took place in 1986 and the consequent cleanup efforts and recovery that took place after that. It featured an ensemble cast, comprising Skarsgard, Jared Harris, and Emily Watson. It received 19 nominations at the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards, and had won for Outstanding Limited Series, Outstanding Directing, and Outstanding Writing.

Meanwhile, at Golden Globes 2020,  Russell Crowe won Best Actor In Limited Series or TV Movie for 'The Loudest Voice', and Phoebe Waller-Bridge won Best Actress for Comedy, for 'Fleabag', which has received rave reviews from critics and audience alike. 'Succession' won 'Best Drama' series, and 'Parasite' has won for 'Best Foreign Language' film.

'Golden Globes Awards 2020' is airing live on NBC. 



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