Golden Globes 2020 gives Netflix the cold shoulder with just 1 win out of 17 film nominations: 'It's what it is'

Golden Globes 2020 gives Netflix the cold shoulder with just 1 win out of 17 film nominations: 'It's what it is'
The 77th Golden Globe Awards snubbed Netflix with just one win out of 17 film nominations (Netflix/Sony Pictures)

The 77th annual Golden Globe Awards turned out to be a spectacular show packed with surprises and unexpected winners in both the film and TV categories.

However, Netflix turned out to be the sore loser as even despite a total of 34 nominations in both categories, including 17 film nominations, the streaming service only took home one award: Laura Dern for her performance in 'Marriage Story'.

The biggest miss from the streaming channel's pocket turned out to be the award for Best Motion Picture — Drama. While '1917' was declared the winner, 'The Irishman' was a strong contender, with several fans vouching for it. 'Marriage Story', 'Joker' and 'The Two Popes' also followed suit. 

Several Twitter users pointed out how Netflix was completely ignored out of the race. "So, pretty clear Netflix was blocked in these awards. Outrageous. A total joke. Well at leas J. Phoenix was a rightful winner...#goldenglobes," one user said.

Another posted, "Zero Wins for Martin Scorsese's The Irishman and a shocker of big wins for Sam Mendes' 1917 were highlights at the Golden Globes tonight. In short, Netflix had a bad night. With Marriage Story being their only movie to pick up a win. 1 win out of 17 noms!"


A still from the Netflix film 'Marriage Story' (Netflix)

One fan even went on to label it as "Hollywood vs. Netflix, the war has begun." A tweet read, "Netflix barely winning anything is very interesting."

Another viewer said, "Exceptional #Netflix content: exists Industry: No, we hate you, let's give it to the fine made but ultimately not too exceptional #1917Film and friends #GoldenGlobes #goldenglobes2020."

One Netflix viewer expressed how a few movies deserved a better fate at the awards night. "Marriage Story, The Crown and The Irishman deserved better. This give me the sense Netflix has been robbed by... #GoldenGlobes #goldenglobes2020."

The fact that 'The Irishman' lost out seemed to be a huge concern. "#TheIrishman was robbed at the Golden Globes for BEST Motion Picture Drama. The only thing everyone has been talking about is The Irishman. The @netflix film was soooooo good. Come on. #GoldenGlobes #GoldenGlobes2020," one tweet read.


A still from Martin Scorcese's 'The Irishman' (Netflix)

"All the movies that won the major awards ('Joker' for actor, 'Judy' for actress, '1917' for drama and 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' for comedy) were theatrical releases. THEY SHUT NETFLIX OUT #goldenglobes2020," one viewer wrote.

Another commented, "And @Netflix gets all its films snubbed bar the incredible Laura Dern because #Hollywood refuses to except #Netflix as a legitimate form of cinema #goldenglobes2020."

Taking a dig at its own fate, the official Twitter account of Netflix Film tweeted out a clip and summed up the dispiriting outcome with the caption, "It's what it is."


It's clear that Netflix has had a disappointing run at the Globes, and if it is Hollywood against the streamer, it may be quite a tough road for it to crack the Oscars as well. 

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