'Gold Rush: White Water' Season 3 finale will see Dustin finding biggest nugget ever while Fred battles nature

'Gold Rush: White Water' Season 3 finale will see Dustin finding biggest nugget ever while Fred battles nature
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Episodes 11 and 12 of ‘Gold Rush: White Water’ season 3 saw 76-year-old ‘Dakota’ Fred Hurt and his crew score almost 12 ounces of gold, worth at least $17,000 -- a lot more than what they had found the previous season.

Even Dustin Hurt and his crew at “Rockfall Ravine” hit the motherlode with giant nuggets of gold at their spot. As the season almost reaches its end, both crews are on a winning streak, even if their journeys so far have been tough.

So, what are the father-son duo of ‘Dakota’ Fred and Dustin up for in the next episode? 

In the promo for episode 13, the season finale, we see Dustin worried about the strong currents at “Rockfall Ravine”. The spot is not only lined with jagged rocks, but there’s also the risk of rocks and branches flowing down the waterfall and hitting the divers or anyone in its path. 

At “Thunder Falls”, even Fred’s crew has to face the wrath of nature as the flow of the water makes it difficult for them to dredge. 

We also see Dustin and his crew find an unbelievably large nugget of gold. A piece so large, it would automatically guarantee that they were going to have a profitable season. 


While time is of the essence for both crews, it is a much more expensive commodity for ‘Dakota’ Fred than Dustin. The latter has already managed to cover the cost of this expedition with the amount of gold he discovered at “Rainbow’s End”. Anything they find at “Rockfall Ravine” is profit. And by the looks of it, they have found a lot!

But for Fred, things haven’t been as easy. His older claim “Two Fish” proved to be a dead-end, earning them, at best, a little more than an ounce of gold. Even with their lucky streak at “Thunder Falls”, it would seem that they do not have enough time to find enough gold to recover the cost of this whole exercise, even without the harsh conditions making things worse. They only have a little more than a week left to salvage what they can before the frost sets in on the Alaskan creeks and ravines.

The season finale is likely to prove what we have witnessed all season: Dustin is the better leader, and perhaps, it is time for ‘Dakota’ Fred to hit the hay.  


‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Season 3 airs on the Discovery Channel every Friday at 10 pm ET.

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