'Gold Rush: White Water' Season 3 Episode 11 Promo: Dustin ominously absent, Fred excited about Thunder Falls

'Gold Rush: White Water' Season 3 Episode 11 Promo: Dustin ominously absent, Fred excited about Thunder Falls
'Dakota' Fred Hurt in 'Gold Rush: White Water' Season 3. (Source: Screengrab)

Episode 10 of the Discovery Channel documentary-series ‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Season 3 ended on a massive cliffhanger.

After finally settling on “McKinley Falls”, a dangerous bit of terrain that had brought lots of gold for miners in the 19th century, as their new spot for gold mining, Dustin Hurt’s crew found themselves with the Herculean task of transporting their incredibly heavy equipment to the region.

While transferring the dredge down, a big piece of rock falls from a great height, hitting Dustin. The episode ends before one can surmise if Dustin his hurt -- a huge piece of rock from a height like that was sure to cause damage. If it did injure him, it could mean the end of the season for Dustin in his hunt for gold. 

So what will happen in episode 11? The promo at the end of the episode keeps the audience in complete darkness about the fate of Dustin. Infuriating as it is to speculate on the condition of Dustin, one has to resign to the possibility that ‘Dakota’ Fred’s son may just be out of commission for the rest of the season. 


If that is indeed the case, then his crew members Carlos Minor, Wess Richardson and James Hamm would be left without a leader, a not-so-good scenario. Even though the crew has made a fair share of earnings through their more-than-27-ounces of gold so far, this could mean that is all they would earn this season -- a little over their costs for the trip.

What the promo does show, however, is 76-year-old ‘Dakota’ Fred Hurt and his crew finally being visited by lady luck. The promo video shows that despite the long line of hitches with machinery and unrewarding digs, “Thunder Falls” will be their salvation. ‘Dakota’ Fred can be seen excited about the sheer size and the abundance of gold nuggets on his plate.

Fred and his crew were in a bad place so far. With barely two ounces of gold to show for, tensions were starting to develop in the team. But that is likely to change now.

Maybe the old man, despite his age, still has a few tricks up his sleeve. ‘Gold Rush: White Water’ Season 3 airs on the Discovery Channel every Friday, 10 p.m. ET.


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