'Gold Rush: White Water' Season 3: The friction between the father-son duo could get worse as they split up to find more gold

'Gold Rush: White Water' Season 3: The friction between the father-son duo could get worse as they split up to find more gold

All that glitters is not gold. But this father-son duo is out to grab the real deal, even if that puts them in the way of danger. 

Soon to enter its third season, ‘Gold Rush: White Water’ is a documentary series on Discovery Channel that follows Fred ‘Dakota’ Hurt and his son Dustin as they travel across Alaska looking for gold, just like they did in the twentieth century -- with better equipment, of course! 

Fred, now in his mid-seventies, has been gold mining in Alaska for over 10 years. Along with son, Dustin, he has mined over three-quarters of a million dollars worth of gold from Porcupine Creek. According to the Discovery Channel, Fred is a "straight-shooting, self-taught gold miner who speaks his mind and is not afraid to rub people the wrong way." 

Dustin, according to the channel, has a hot temper and a love-hate relationship with his father. But he wants to prove himself and earn his approval. "He first got a taste for gold mining eight years ago when he joined Fred’s crew at Porcupine Creek," per the channel. He now runs his own crew. Dustin works construction in the winter to fund his mining operation. Driven by a fear of bankruptcy Dustin will do anything to get the gold.

According to TV Insider, 75-year-old Fred and his son Dustin, who have been mining in McKinley Creek for the past several years, have reached a limit. They will now move to Cahoon Creek, a much harsher terrain. 2,000 feet up in the Chilkat Mountains; the duo and their crew will have to fight the wilderness to lay their hands on some gold. But this time, there will be a twist.

According to the Discovery Channel, “Deep in the Alaska wilderness, the Dakota boys are back and risking it all to unearth millions in gold. But after mining together for 10 years, the father and son team of Fred and Dustin Hurt are splitting up and working on separate claims to double their chances of striking it rich. The race is on as they uncover more gold than any other season before.”


Will their tempers collide as they race to unearth more treasures? Find out on November 8, when the show airs on the Discovery Channel.

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