'Glee' curse theories on Cory Montieth and Mark's deaths resurface as Naya Rivera goes missing, fans are livid

Fans are annoyed with the 'Glee curse' theories and jokes doing the rounds on the Internet, after the news of Naya's disappearance broke

                            'Glee' curse theories on Cory Montieth and Mark's deaths resurface as Naya Rivera goes missing, fans are livid
Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith (Getty Images)

Ever since the news of 'Glee' star Naya Rivera's disappearance broke out, the Internet has been buzzing with speculations of what might have happened to her. One such wild theory includes the infamous 'Glee curse'. Some people on the internet are convinced that the stars of the hit musical show 'Glee' might have been cursed. They brought up the tragic death of other 'Glee' stars Cory Monteith and Mark Salling to prove that there might be some curse over these actors.

Monteith had died of drug overdose on July 13 in 2013, when he was just 31. While Mark Salling committed suicide in 2018. So, when the news of Naya's disappearance became public, the internet began weaving wild theories of how the 'Glee' curse might have caught up to Naya. As 'Glee Curse' jokes and theories began doing rounds on the internet, several fans took to their Twitter to firmly slam these wild theories and insensitive jokes.

A fan tweeted, "Why are people posting “glee curse” that’s not okay or acceptable to even bring up/say- and the fact that people are also bringing up cory?? and also the search is closed until morning??? SHE’S MISSING FOR CHRIST SAKE her life could be on the line right now." Another fan wrote, "Stop with the glee curse tweets naya rivera is a mom she has a four year old son who potentially seen his mother drown its four days until the anniversary of cory monteith’s death he didn’t deserve to die all of this isn’t a joke these are people’s lives just stop please stop."

"It’s distasteful to see tweets about a “glee curse” when these are real people who have suffered. please stop comparing naya to cory or that p*dophile, just pray for her safe return and for her child who is probably scared beyond belief. stop making jokes and being insensitive," expressed an annoyed fan. Another fan shared, "The amount of people making “glee curse” jokes, reposting videos of maya singing If I die young and bringing up Cory makes me sick. Naya is a mother, has a family, friends, and so many people that love her and she is so much more then glee/Santana." "To all the people making “glee curse jokes” at a time like this about naya because both cory and m*rk passed away a few years back, get a f***ing life. now isn’t the time for jokes. grow up," commented a fan. "People keep calling it the glee curse ever since Cory and mark died and it’s just disrespectful asf to joke about someone’s life like they wanna guess who’s gonna be next," pointed out a fan. 

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