Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle tell Brandy and Monica to work it out on Verzuz, fans hail 'peak aunt behavior'

At one point during the Verzuz battle, Gladys Knight and Patti Labelle asked Brandy and Monica to 'work it out' and fans are 'screaming' after hearing their words

                            Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle tell Brandy and Monica to work it out on Verzuz, fans hail 'peak aunt behavior'
Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle (Getty Images)

The Verzuz rap battle between Gladys Knight & Patti LaBelle, which streamed live on Instagram and Apple Music, delivered some widely talked out moments. One of these moments came when Knight and LaBelle, while referring Brandy and Monica – participants on the previous Verzuz episode – asked the two R&B queens "work it out."

Brandy and Monica, who have been feuding on and off for years, talked about the issues between them on the episode of Verzuz. The singers, who collaborated on the 1998 single 'The Boy is Mine', said during the episode that their feud was no one's fault and the two were far from the dramatics of the whole situation.

Now, at one point during the Knight and Labelle Verzuz battle, the legendary soul singers, who were also pitted against one another as professional rivals at the height of their careers, jokingly told the R&B queens, "Brandy, Monica? Ya'll go ahead and work it out." Soon, fans and viewers of Verzuz across the internet swarmed the platforms with comments and reactions. Not only was the Instagram live session flooded with "snap" and "burn" comments, Twitter users, too, came up with memes, jokes and quips immediately.

Talking about the funny moment, one fan took to Twitter to praise Knight and LaBelle and said, "Them encouraging Brandy and Monica to work it on via this #Verzuz battle is PEAK aunt behavior," while another, expressing similar sentiments, tweeted, "Lmfaoo if these ain’t my instigating great aunties! I love this!"




Pleasantly taken aback by the comment, one Twitter user let her disbelief known saying, "She did not just ask Brandy and Monica to work it out lmfaooooooooo." More users pointed out how Knight and LaBelle were being typical aunts and wrote, "That's the most aunty moment we're going to get tonight!"




Fans also posted memes about the moment. One Twitter user posted a meme while another, speaking about how the night has been so far, said, "So far Gladys and Pattie told us -Don’t be killin nobody! -Don’t be cussin and fighting! -Tell Brandy & Monica to work it out! -We got to set the example. This is the kind of elder wisdom we need rn #verzuz #PattiVsGladys."




People continued to discuss the "work it out" moment with one fan tweeting, "Gladyssssss! I am screaming! They ain’t got no choice now!" while another wrote, "Ayooooooo they just told Brandy and Monica to work their issues out #Verzuz AND WHO IS GOING THE CHECK THEEEEEEEEM?!?!?"




More and more tweets kept surfacing about the moment. Talking about how Knight and LaBelle felt about Brandy and Monica, one fan tweeted, "They don’t know what’s going on with Monica & Brandy .. and i f**king love that LMFAOOAAOOA," while another, expressing similar feelings, said, "The aunties have spoken!" A different fan of Verzuz, tweeting about Knight and LaBelle, said, "Ma’am I am in here rocking."






The Verzuz rap battle was full of surprises leaving fans super entertained. Gladys sang classics, like 'Midnight Train to Georgia', 'I Don’t Want to Know', 'Double or Nothing' and 'Neither One of Us' while Patti mesmerized fans with hits such as 'On My Own', 'If Only You Knew' and 'Lady Marmalade' among others.

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