Schoolgirl stabs baby brother 28 times, writes chilling message with his blood to mum: 'Here's your son'

Her jealousy apparently made her butcher the 3-year-old in his sleep and she left the message on the wall

                            Schoolgirl stabs baby brother 28 times, writes chilling message with his blood to mum: 'Here's your son'
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A teenager has been charged with murder for the brutal killing of her little brother who was 3 years old.

The 15-year-old girl stabbed her sibling around 28 times while he was asleep. She then used his blood to write a chilling and sickening note on the wall addressing her mother, the police were able to confirm.

The girl has been identified by just her first name which is Oliwia. At the time of the horrific incident, Oliwia had been home alone and had been asked to babysit and look after her younger sibling Nicholas aka Niko, 3, by her mother.

The murder took place at the children's home in Detmold, Germany. The attack was reportedly so violent that it had left bloodstains on the wall of the home where the kids lived with their single mother, Agnieszka, who works as a cleaner.

The family is originally from the Polish city of Lodz, but had moved to Detmold in 2013 and has been there since.

Agnieszka had been out at the time of the murder. By the time the 46-year-old arrived home, Niko was dead and Oliwia had disappeared. 

In the message left on the wall, Oliwia had allegedly written, "Here is your son," before vanishing, The Sun reports. The police found Oliwia around six miles away from her home after they launched a helicopter search. The teenager is facing around ten years in youth detention if she is convicted of killing her brother. 

Oliwia was born in Lodz where she lived along with her father before shifting to Germany when she was ten. She then lived in a three-bedroom house with her mother, grandmother, and brother.

It is reported that Oliwia was often made to babysit or look after her sibling given her mother and grandmother worked a lot. The mother's ex-boyfriend who was identified as Dmitri said, "Agnieszka and I had separated three months before, Oliwia was jealous of the little one, and felt left out."

Agnieszka has been in a psychiatric facility ever since the tragedy but had to leave and go back to work as she had no money. It is believed that she is still living in the flat where her son was murdered. One of her friends said that Oliwia has also written to her mother. 

"It is a short letter, in which Oliwia writes that she feels terrible about what happened, and asks her mother if she wants to visit her in order to speak about everything," the friend revealed.

Oliwia is believed to have been bullied a lot at school and would play gory videogames and watch horror movies as an escape. According to a local publication, RTL.DE, a friend of Oliwia, Lea, 14, who was invited as a witness in the trial, said that she was shocked to hear of the murder. 

"I didn't expect that," Lea reportedly shared. She also said that her friend Oliwia was usually a very calm person who had never been violent. Lea also revealed that she knew Niko as well and would often spend time at their house. 

"Actually, the relationship between her and her brother was okay — like a normal sibling relationship," Lea revealed. 

Agnieszka said, "I can't understand that she could do something like that and that she is so jealous of her little half-brother Nikolas. I never taught her violence or aggressiveness." She added how the child would trouble Oliwia but "I kept telling her that he is small and takes time. I didn't know that she developed so much hatred for him."

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