Bah! Who needs surgery! This woman found the 'secret' to enhance her bum without going under the knife

Karina Rutledge decided to get a hold of her life and health after the doctors informed her that she is too skinny.

                            Bah! Who needs surgery! This woman found the 'secret' to enhance her bum without going under the knife
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Karina Rutledge, a San Diego State University student, knew that she had to get her life into order after doctors declared her as unhealthy skinny. She did so by getting herself into weight-lifting, and since then, she hasn't looked back.

After ending up in a toxic relationship that ultimately resulted in a horrific breakup, Karina made the decision of gaining her weight back. Talking about she said, "My freshman and sophomore year of college I was in an extremely toxic relationship. My boyfriend at the time was cheating on me with my own roommate and was emotionally abusive."

Karina sought out ways in which she could restrict herself from eating which eventually led her to shed a lot of weight. 

Speaking about her breakup and significant lifestyle change, she said: "We broke up after a two-year relationship, and I was heartbroken. I was hurting. When we were together, I unhealthily lost a ton of weight. I downloaded an app on my phone and literally restricted myself to 1,000 calories a day," she told Unilad

In a bid to lose weight and get skinny, Karina says she didn't pay attention to the unhealthy habits she took up. All this while, she ignored what anyone around had to say about her worrying weight loss.

"It was insane. On top of that, I was doing so much cardio. I was being told by everyone around me that I was getting too skinny too fast. Even my doctor said I was unhealthy and had to gain some weight back. I didn’t want to listen to them because I wanted to desperately be skinny," she added. 

After her breakup, Karina did not know how to transform her body until she came across YouTube and Instagram videos by several fitness gurus. Speaking of which she said, "After we broke up I was sad. I didn’t know how to pick myself up again. I finally got out of a toxic relationship, and I just didn’t have a clue what to do," and added: "Then I started seeing all of these fitness gurus on Instagram and YouTube how they were able to transform their bodies by lifting weights."

She realized that working out made her feel better emotionally and physically. "I couldn’t believe it! I asked my friends, Drew and Eden, to show me the ropes. To take me to the gym. I then started to realize that, while I was lifting, I wasn’t sad anymore," she said. "I was filled with all of these endorphins, and I was genuinely happy. I started watching a ton of workout videos on YouTube and deleted my calorie tracker. I was focused on eating more, and lifting heavy."

Along with the workout, Karina made sure she did her research, "I made this journal, with a ton of research I did, on how to grow your glutes. It was the reason how I was able to literally change my body shape," she said. Karina now eats over 2,200 calories a day and is ‘not afraid of any type of food.' She said: "I eat pizza if I want to, I eat ice cream if I want to." While her body shape has entirely changed, she said that her ‘entire personality has changed’ too, since she started lifting.

Karina added that she trains her glutes two to three times a week, shoulders twice a week, and her back and biceps once a week. She also follows a diet of her choice but added that she tries to eat cleaner on most of the days by having more protein and carbs. "It’s kind of crazy and unreal how many girls have told me that they inspired me and asked for my advice," she said. "I get tons of DMs daily asking me for help, and I love it so so much. If I can help make another girl feel more confident and love herself more than my job is done."

She further added, "I came out with a workout guide that over 13,000 people have actually downloaded. That is crazy. That means close to 13,000 people are taking my advice and reading my notes and research. I never ever thought in a million years that would happen." Even though it took four months for Karina to realize the difference in her body, she believes that working out has become an addiction for her now.