Giant Adidas logo in the middle of MLS field pitch distracts fans, Angry Internet calls it the 'ugliest s**t'

Giant Adidas logo in the middle of MLS field pitch distracts fans, Angry Internet calls it the 'ugliest s**t'

Soccer fans were looking forward to Wednesday (July 8) night as Major League Soccer returned for its first game since the coronavirus pandemic. While the occasion served a platform for players from various leagues to bring more attention to Black voices and the Black community, many seem to be left disappointed with the humongous Adidas logo in the middle of the pitch, which has triggered quite a lot of reactions. 

On watching the three stripes of Adidas logo superimposed on the pitch during the Orlando City and Inter Miami tournament, a large number of Twitter users have called out both MLS and Adidas for distracting them with the logo during the opening game. 

One wrote, "Honestly tried to watch @MLS but twitching @target ad going over the touchline and then into signboards gave me a massive migraine. Tried to focus on everything else, horrible camera angle, massive @adidas logo but my eyes kept going to target logo twitching and tripped me out." Another tweeted, "The adidas logo is the ugliest s**t i’ve seen. I don’t want 3 strips all over my hoodie chill."

Many of them have noted that placing the logo in such a manner was unnecessary and resorted to making fun of it. One user tweeted, "I liked the first 5 seconds of the Adidas logo at midfield and now it’s just blatantly unnecessary #MLSisBack." Meanwhile, a few have stated that MLS may be trying to manage its finances, but despite that, the logo needs to be gotten rid of. One soccer fan tweeted, "I get that @MLS has sponsors and financial commitments but this giant adidas logo in the center of the pitch is laughable." Another added to the previous tweet saying, “Money is money and MLS must be hurting right it but that midfield adidas ad has got to go.”

Some of them slammed Adidas for its choice of brand placement. One user tweeted, "Hey Adidas, get your dumb logo off of midfield. We get it, you have a lot of money and you are one of the sponsors." Another said, "Really @MLS A big a** Adidas logo in the middle of the field? Really? They already are the kit maker for the ENTIRE league now they sponsor the entire field?"


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