Marilyn Monroe died because she refused to be a puppet in plot to bring JFK down, claims Gianni Russo

Marilyn Monroe died because she refused to be a puppet in plot to bring JFK down, claims Gianni Russo
Marilyn Monroe (Source: Getty Images)

Gianni Russo in a recent interview has claimed that actress Marilyn Monroe's death could have been prevented had her ex-husband, Joe DiMaggio listened to the plea made by the actress days before her death.

Speaking to Daily Mail, the 'Godfather' actor revealed that Monroe called DiMaggio to come and pick her up from the Nevada resort three days before her death took place. 

"Marilyn Monroe might still be alive today had he come to pick her up that night," he said. Apart from shedding light on Monroe's death, Russo also had some thoughts about the real assassin of JFK.

Speaking to the outlet, the actor revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the person who assassinated John F Kennedy. Russo claimed that Monroe was brought to the resort in Nevada to film a threesome with JFK and his brother Robert "Bobby" Kennedy.

He believed this plan was plotted by Sam Giancana and his mobsters, who wanted to ruin the reputation of Kennedy. Russo believed that the mob was after Monroe because they wanted Kennedy to be involved in a scandalous drama that would force him to give the casinos in Cuba to the criminals. 

However, the plan failed as JFK never showed up at the resort. "The mob's idea was to get pictures of the both of them in a room with her and they had them: two Catholic married men, with Marilyn Monroe," he said.

Russo added that Monroe was not ready to abide by the plan. "She went crazy screaming, 'I'm going to the press! I'm not somebody's throw rag doll'," he said. 

He believed she put a clock on her death the second Monroe threatened that she would go to the press. Russo added that Munroe's life could have been saved if DiMaggio had chosen to listen to her when she called rather than calling Frank Sinatra. 

According to Russo, Sinatra and Monroe were high on Xanax at that time. Sinatra told DiMaggio to mind his business said Russo, who believed Sinatra was the one who plotted the entire plan of a threesome.

He further claimed that Monroe did not die of barbiturates overdose. He alleged that the actress was injected with oxygen through her pubic region until she had an aneurysm and died.

He also believed that JFK was put into power by some mobsters. "Joe Kennedy and Costello were partners in Prohibition," he said. "So, he felt, if the mob would get behind him, get all the unions to back him and get his son president, his first duty is going to invade Cuba, the Bay of Pigs."

He further shed light on the assassin who killed JFK. "I know who the shooter is who actually shot him," he said.

"It wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald. It was Johnny Roselli who shot and killed him. He was in the sewer. When he came up he had the best shot. That was the killing bullet: Johnny Roselli."

While Russo said the cops were close to pinning Roselli as the murderer, things took a different turn when he was found dead before the investigation could go any further. "They found him chopped up in a barrel," he said.

"The CIA and the FBI basically said so far, the only person that's gotten this right is Gianni Russo the actor," he said of himself.

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