Documentary on The Conjuring's haunted house left crew very 'traumatized' after they saw 'disturbing' things: 'We wanted to end the investigation'

A documentary crew, Ghost Adventures, explored the house that inspired the horror movie 'Conjuring' and revealed they saw some 'very disturbing things'.

                            Documentary on The Conjuring's haunted house left crew very 'traumatized' after they saw 'disturbing' things: 'We wanted to end the investigation'

A documentary crew recently revealed that they saw some 'very disturbing' things when they were exploring the Harrisville Farmhouse that inspired the horror movie 'The Conjuring'. 

While a majority of people were able to enjoy the scary movie from the comfort of their couch or hide behind their pillows, the crew of 'Ghost Adventures' had decided to go out and explore the reportedly haunted house for themselves. The crew got an opportunity to study the house after it was sold to Jeff Belanger, the show's researcher. 

Ghost Adventures crew encountered many disturbing sights while at the Conjuring house (Twitter)

They then filmed and documented their exceptional journey which is set to air on October 31. They revealed that they had managed to document "incredible occurrences" on one of their visits. During an interview with TV Guide, team member Zak Bagans said that he was "beyond excited" to get to the house but then soon got nervous as "sh*t got real serious, real quick". 

He also shared that he had spoken to the current occupants of the house and said, "When I spoke to the son, what he saw in that house – and they’ve only been in there for a month –  but he even used the word traumatized. It traumatized them". Bagans added: "It caused him to leave the house for three weeks. And then I started matching that what they were seeing is the same exact materialization that the Perrons were also seeing back in '73." He also mentioned that the team had taken some time to get over the investigation since they left. They saw 'some very disturbing things' apparently.

"One of my investigators, Aaron, wanted to end the investigation [prematurely] because he knew that we were very vulnerable to attachments, and he was correct. So it was one investigation that I will never ever forget," he continued. "It took me a few weeks to get over this, and that usually doesn’t happen. That’s very rare for me", Bagans added.

The house had been occupied by the Perron family starting in 1970 who revealed they experienced some very strange things in their home. Things such as items going missing or being moved, strange noises and small piles of dirt in the center of a newly-cleaned kitchen floor as well as the appearance of ghosts. 

As reported by the Occult Museum, one of the family members, Carolyn Perron did some research into the paranormal event only to find that eight generations of another family had lived in the house before the Perrons. Many of the family had died under terrible circumstances. Then there were strange drownings, murders and suicides as well and this is apart from the instances of alleged demonic possession, occultism and satanism that took place there.

The Ghost Adventures team was also joined by Andrea Perron who was one of the family members living in the home in the 1970s. 

'Ghost Adventures: Curse of the Harrisville Farmhouse' will air Thursday, October 31 at 9/8c. on the Travel channel. 

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