Will Ghislaine Maxwell die like Jeffrey Epstein? Plea deal in exchange of evidence will endanger her: Lawyer

A judge agreed earlier this week to Maxwell's request that the trial is delayed until the end of the year after the prosecution added more charges

                            Will Ghislaine Maxwell die like Jeffrey Epstein? Plea deal in exchange of evidence will endanger her: Lawyer
Ghislaine Maxwell may 'meet the same fate' as Jeffrey Epstein (Getty Images)

Ghislaine Maxwell's trial has been delayed because she will probably cut a plea deal with prosecutors, according to a victims' lawyer. Spencer Kuvin, who is representing nine Epstein victims, also warned she may "meet the same fate" as the pedophile financier who died in prison under mysterious circumstances in 2019.

A judge agreed to Maxwell's request earlier this week to delay the trial until the end of the year after the prosecution added more charges. The trial was originally slated to start in July. The 59-year-old British socialite has denied all wrongdoing and pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking and other charges over her alleged role in procuring teenagers for ex-boyfriend Epstein to abuse between 1994 and 2004, The Sun reported.


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Kuvin, however, told the newspaper that there was a "high likelihood" that the trial was delayed because Maxwell is negotiating a plea deal with prosecutors. According to him, she could provide incriminating evidence on Epstein's powerful friends in order to get a shorter sentence and avoid a public trial.

"Initially, I'm not surprised by the delay in criminal proceedings by a case as complex as this especially one, where additional people were added to the claims later on — that you would get a continuance of a trial date," Kuvin told The Sun. "Having said that I think there's a high likelihood, given the delay, that what is going on behind the scenes is that they are probably discussing the negotiation of a deal and ultimately she will never end up in front of a jury and she will cut a deal."

"The question then becomes if the powerful people that don't want her to cut a deal, learn about the deal before it's decided and before she is convicted, will she ultimately survive that deal?" Kuvin continued. "Because in any deal she cuts it would have to include jail time — I don't think there's any way that the US attorney's office could save face in this matter unless there was jail time attached."

Metropolitan Detention Center where Ghislaine Maxwell is being held (Getty Images)

The lawyer said it was quite possible that "something untoward" would happen to Maxwell, considering she's in jail and part of her deal "is to turn evidence over against powerful people she's aware of that might also be prosecuted."

"I believe it's likely that if she ends up with jail time that she could meet the same fate as Jeffrey Epstein," Kuvin opined.

According to the Florida-based attorney, Maxwell may provide enough damaging information to implicate several powerful entities across the globe.

"Ghislaine has information dating back over 20 plus years with respect to not just Epstein but others in the circle that Epstein brought into the organization so it's going to involve powerful men in the States and the United Kingdom and in other countries too," Kuvin alleged. "We know from reading Epstein's little black book that he had strong connections with powerful people all over the world. And at the end of the day, Ghislaine is in the photograph that has been widely circulated with one known accuser [Virginia Guiffre] and Prince Andrew in it — so she's a direct witness to that photo. She could at least verify the validity of it."

It's worth noting that Prince Andrew has strongly denied any wrongdoing or misconduct.

Prince Andrew (Getty Images)

Nonetheless, Kuvin also believes it is possible that Maxwell faces trial and her victims finally get some justice. "The clients I represent want a full accounting in an open court of all the evidence against this woman so that she can stop claiming innocence and stop claiming she is being victimized by all this — it's absurd," Kuvin alleged. "Her part was so integral in all this — she was a ringleader in the entire affair. Multiple women can account for what occurred and a few of my clients say she was directly an abuser — that she engaged in some of the abusive acts with Epstein. So she's not just an organizer but an abuser as well."

The lawyer clarified that he didn't "wish death on anyone" but acknowledged the danger Maxwell could be in once she cuts a deal. "I don't wish death on anyone, in fact, I wish that she gets her day in court so the public can hear a full accounting of what she did," Kuvin said. "I just don't think it's going to happen, I think ultimately she's going to cut a deal — especially with the continuance — they want to bide time to cut a deal, and try to find out what information she has that can assist them," he added.

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