Ghislaine Maxwell joked to Epstein about 'Randy Andy' while watching clip of Prince Andrew with topless girl

Ghislaine Maxwell joked to Epstein about 'Randy Andy' while watching clip of Prince Andrew with topless girl
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Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell had made jokes about 'Randy Andy' as the two watched a secret video clip of Prince Andrew with a topless woman. An ex-employee of Epstein, identified as 'Tiffany Doe', 48, recalled how she had walked into a room where the two were seen sitting and joking about a secretly recorded video clip.

"I don’t know who the girl was on the video — but she was topless. I was looking for Jeffrey to talk to him about something and couldn’t find him anywhere. I had no idea Ghislaine and Jeffrey were in there. I didn’t know Ghislaine was in the house. It was like a television control room, big and dark. There were lots of screens everywhere," she said while speaking to The Sun.

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"It was so dark when I walked in they didn’t notice me. I went to say something but they were speaking and laughing so I looked at the screen to see what they were talking about," she continued. "I do not know who the girl was on the video but she was topless. I really can’t say what her age was. I couldn’t see all of Andrew so I don’t know if he was clothed or not. It looked like it was filmed in a bedroom. I don’t think Andrew knew he was being filmed."

The former employee revealed that she then heard Ghislaine say, "Oh that’s Randy Andy for you," and Epstein laughed. "But then Jeffrey and Ghislaine noticed me and made it clear they didn’t want me in there. I think they didn’t want me to hear their comments." Tiffany said that Epstein would secretly film some of his most powerful and high-profile clients. "It was an open secret he had cameras in the bedrooms. Jeffrey spent a lot of time in that room watching videos," she revealed. "I am sure he had videos of girls and guys having sex that he watched as a voyeur because that was what he was like. But he let everyone know he had power. Power over all these rich and famous people who came to his house. So what would that power be? It was pretty obvious," she continued. 

It has been reported that Tiffany had met the convicted pedophile when she was 22. She revealed how he had manipulated her into recruiting younger girls for him.

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Tiffany is now working with lawyers in the USA, representing the victims of Epstein. Last year, she had given an interview about an incident that had taken place during the mid-1990s. The Duke of York had been a guest at Epstein's home and blew a raspberry on her chest in what is called "motorboating". "There were always big players at the events so it was almost normal for a prince to turn up," Tiffany said. "It wasn’t out of the ordinary. I saw him a couple of times a year, at least. Andrew was at the parties and, in English slang, back then I had big jubblies, big breasts. I wore a dress to show them off. He didn’t quite know the term 'motorboat'. He said ‘Motor… something?’ He couldn’t remember. But he did it to me," she revealed. Tiffany added how she had found him "quite awkward, quite clumsy. I had drinks with him but that’s it."

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