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Ghislaine Maxwell hired musician to glorify Epstein's '24-hour erections' and relationships with schoolgirls

Christopher Mason, a New York Times contributor known for his musical 'roasts' was approached to write the song while Maxwell and Epstein were living in NYC
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

A recent claim has been made that stated Ghislaine Maxwell hired a musician to write a song for Jeffrey Epstein's birthday praising his “24-hour erections” and his "shameful" relationships with schoolgirls. The 58-year-old asked the songwriter to write about how "schoolgirls" crushed on Epstein while he was a math teacher. Christopher Mason was reportedly approached by Maxwell while Epstein and Maxwell were living in New York.

Mason, a New York Times contributor living in Manhattan known for his musical "roasts", claimed Maxwell approached him and he was only allowed to talk to her regarding the song. She reportedly gave him some very strange instructions for the song.

The musician also claimed that one line that Maxwell specifically asked him to include in his song was "how schoolgirls used to crush on Epstein" when he working as a teacher at Dalton, a private school. Mason added that another line on which he was asked to focus by Epstein's “madam” was his "24-hour erections". “Normally I speak to as many people who know the person as possible. But this time I was only allowed to speak to Ghislaine,” Mason added. However, there is no suggestion that the songwriter acted improperly.

Meanwhile, reports have claimed that Maxwell and Epstein met each other after the former one moved to New York in 1991. She shifted to the US after her father Robert Maxwell died in November 1991. Later it was reported that the deceased British media proprietor was scamming hundreds of millions from his own firms. It has been said that later at a point Maxwell and Epstein’s relationship transformed into sordid sex trafficking, with victims accusing her of being a "pimp" or "madam" in the operation. One friend has claimed that Maxwell and the convicted sex offender were not romantically involved with each other, their relationship was based on money.

The source even claimed that Epstein might have been involved in Robert’s pension scam. "I couldn’t work out at first how, the second Ghislaine landed in New York, she was all of a sudden — overnight really — very chummy with Jeffrey. Then he started spending on a different level, suddenly buying these extraordinary townhouses,” the pal stated.

The disgraced financier and Maxwell’s relationship was described as a "business arrangement from day one" and the socialite acted like his "boss". “For a start he would never have been attracted to her. We know the kind of girls he liked. Also, why would she have been so interested in procuring girls for him? No girlfriend does that,” the source said, adding: “She was his wingwoman from day one. She went to New York to see Jeffrey, she didn’t go and then meet Jeffrey.” It has also been said that Maxwell used to host "creepy" parties at her townhouse, where she used to appear mostly in a "ridiculous sexy-at-home outfit".

While another friend of Maxwell deemed her as being subject to "toxic control" by Epstein that "compromised any morals she might have had". "She had a choice to remain the Ghislaine we all knew and loved, or become the other, for money and power. She chose the latter," a pal said.