Ghislaine Maxwell is a 'psychopath' who will flee US by using her privilege, says Jeffrey Epstein victim

Annie Farmer, an alleged victim of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, claims Maxwell is an extreme flight risk

                            Ghislaine Maxwell is a 'psychopath' who will flee US by using her privilege, says Jeffrey Epstein victim
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In the run-up to Ghislaine Maxwell's $28 million bail hearing, an alleged Jeffrey Epstein victim, Annie Farmer, has claimed that Maxwell is a "psychopath who will flee the country," and believes that she will use her privilege to escape justice in regards her role in the upcoming Epstein trial.

Maxwell's spouse, Scott Borgerson, has already offered the courts $22.5 million as a personal recognizance bond that has been secured by $8 million in property and half a million dollars in cash, according to the Times. The court has accepted references from seventeen people, all of which were submitted to Judge Alison Nathan, who will decide on Ghislaine Maxwell's fate shortly. One of those references in particular paints Maxwell in an especially harsh light.

Annie Farmer, 41, who Ghislaine Maxwell allegedly sexually assaulted when Farmer was 16 in New Mexico, has waived her right to anonymity to publicly proclaim in her reference that Maxwell "has lived a life of privilege, abusing her position of power to live beyond the rules. She will not hesitate to leave the country irrespective of whether others will be on the hook financially for her actions because she lacks empathy and, therefore, simply does not care about hurting others. I believe that she is a psychopath."

She warned that Ghislaine Maxwell is an extreme flight risk and that it would be perfectly in keeping with her character to leave those associated with her high and dry — particularly her spouse, who would stand to lose a significant sum should Maxwell not appear for her assigned court date. Maxwell's family — who have pledged an additional $5 million to the courts in terms of guarantees — would also stand to forfeit a significant sum. "Fleeing the country in order to escape once more would fit with her long history of antisocial behavior," said Farmer.

If Judge Alison Nathan denies Maxwell bail, then the star socialite will be forced to spend Christmas and her 59th birthday at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, in New York, until the trial begins in July, 2021. Maxwell has already been denied bail before, on July 14, where Judge Nathan declared Maxwell to be a "serious flight risk." Maxwell has denied all charges that have been filed against her. If found guilty, Maxwell faces up to 35 years in prison for the crimes she is accused of, as an alleged part of Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking operations.

Other references in regards to Maxwell's status as a flight risk have not been nearly as harsh as Annie Farmer's. One security consultant, who has pledged $1 million towards Maxwell's bail package, claims that she kept a "low profile" after Epstein's suicide in 2019, and that Maxwell is being treated with unfair harshness by the media, comparing her to Princess Diana, saying, "This kind of behavior is not only harassing but can be life-threatening. A good example is the case of Princess Diana, who unfortunately lost her life due to press intrusion into her."

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