Fake dentist who promised to "make you smile" practiced for SEVEN years on unsuspecting patients!

Krista Szewczyk is accused of posing as a dentist for 7 years and reportedly left one patient with an infection the size of a tennis ball

                            Fake dentist who promised to "make you smile" practiced for SEVEN years on unsuspecting patients!

Authorities have alleged that a Georgia woman who ran 'County Dental Providers' for seven years posed as a dentist even though she did not have a license. The fraud dentist is accused of performing procedures and tooth extractions on her oblivious patients apart from writing fraud prescriptions. 

Krista Szewczyk's website of County Dental Providers reads, "Let us make you smile", which is not what her patients are doing. In one incident, a patient who had two teeth removed by Szewczyk suffered from a "tennis-ball-sized" infection and had to be admitted to the hospital. Paulding Judicial Circuit's district attorney Dick Donovan told People, "We had another guy that says he has to re-glue his crown every morning". 


A grand jury issued an indictment which charged her with 40 counts of practicing dentistry without a license, four counts of forging prescriptions, and four counts of insurance fraud, as per documents obtained. Szewczyk was arrested last week once the grand jury's decision came. A second investigation has been launched after more patients have come forward with complaints. 

The second investigation was opened in the neighboring Cobb County in the city of Marietta where Szewczyk had "very quietly" relocated to and reopened her clinic after she shut it down in Paulding County, stated Marietta Police Officer Chuck McPhilamy. 

Donovan added that Szewczyk has not entered a plea to the charges that were made against her in Paulding County. In an interview with WGCL, an Atlanta TV station, Szewczyk said, "It’s definitely a personal vendetta. Sad situation … and I’m confident it will be handled in a timely manner." According to Donovan, Szewczyk's husband worked as a deputy sheriff in the Paulding Courthouse. 

The investigation on Szewczyk started back in 2013 when the Georgia Board of Dentistry warned the district attorney's office about complaints against Szewczyk. She started County Dental Providers in 2011 which contracted independent licensed dentists to work on patients. 

According to County Dental Providers' website, "it is solely a business service organization, which means we don’t do dentistry or get involved in the decisions made between dentist and patient. Our affiliated dentists spend most of their time with their patients delivering high-quality patient care, while our highly-trained business professionals manage the business aspects of their practices." 

Donovan accused Szewczyk of "doing the dental work when the doctors weren’t there". The 2013 alert by the state board prompted a criminal investigation which led to a single charge accusing Szewczyk of performing dental services without a license.

She enrolled in a program which did not require her to make a plea and, instead, allowed the charges to be dropped when she finished the program. "That was the only instance we were aware of at that time, so we just said, ‘Don’t do this anymore'. I got a notice saying she had completed the program about the same time I heard from the Board of Dentistry that she was back at it again," Donovan shared. 

Since the news of her charges and indictment went public, "we have had about 15 more people come to our office and say, ‘Hey, she did this to me, too," Donovan said. "We will probably have to re-indict her and see where we go from there," he added. 

Marietta police spokesman McPhilamy shared, "We received notifications from some local residents about a week ago that they believed they may have had the exact same scenario happen to them. We have to remember that she is innocent until proven guilty."

"This will be a slow, methodical investigation for us as a police department. At this time no charges have been filed in Marietta because the investigation is just beginning," he added.

Krista Szewczyk is currently free on bond.