Georgia woman admits to intentionally infecting seven people with HIV in Facebook Live rant: "I am evil as hell"

If Brandi Lasiter deliberately infected people with HIV, she will likely face felony charges punishable by up to 20 years in jail. Even if the video turns out to be a hoax, she will face lesser charges.

                            Georgia woman admits to intentionally infecting seven people with HIV in Facebook Live rant: "I am evil as hell"

AMERICUS, GEORGIA: A woman's rant on Facebook Live went viral after she admitted to being HIV positive and knowingly infecting at least seven people with the deadly disease.

The Americus police received several tips on Friday about the one-minute clip in which the woman, later identified as Brandi Yakeima Lasiter, listed the names of the four men she had been sexually intimate with and to whom she had transferred the virus, but also their partners who might have contracted the virus from those men. 

Wearing a cap and a white tee, the woman walked around open skies spewing out the names of her alleged victims, repeating the phrase, "you're HIV positive" after each name. 

"Motherfuckers play with me, I told ya, I'm a evil motherfucker," Lasiter declares in the clip. "I'm evil as hell. I get real nasty and evil."

She went onto brag about getting revenge on the people she named and wishing death on them. "I always get the last laugh,' she says. 'I'm going to watch y'all die," she added.

Knowingly transmitting the HIV virus to someone is illegal and if found guilty, Lasiter could potentially be facing charges. However, before doing that, the authorities will have to investigate and find out if the woman was being serious in her rant. 

According to Georgia Code 16-5-60, it is a felony if a person who knows is infected with HIV, “knowingly engages in sexual intercourse or submits to any sexual act... and the HIV infected person does not disclose to the other person the fact of that infected person’s being an HIV infected person prior to that intercourse or sexual act.” Such an individual may face up to as many as 20 years in prison. 

Major Herman Lamar with the Americus Police Department refused to confirm to 11Alive whether Lasiter had been arrested. He did mention that the accused was being questioned. The authorities are yet to determine if Lasiter is actually HIV positive herself.

He concluded that even if the video turns out to be a hoax, Lasiter could face lesser charges. "It is quite alarming to anyone in any community and we asked everyone to - if you are going to engage in risky behavior - to also practice safe sex," Lamar said. 

Meanwhile, one of the men named in the video filed a complaint of "harassing communications" against Lasiter.

Although the original video has been taken down, copies of it are still circulating on YouTube.

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