Georgia mom beats infant son to death for soiling his diaper, tells doctors he fell off a trampoline

Georgia mom beats infant son to death for soiling his diaper, tells doctors he fell off a trampoline
(Source : Police Department)

PALMETTO, GEORGIA: A 23-year-old mother was arrested after she allegedly killed her infant son by repeatedly hitting him as punishment for soiling his diaper.

After Trinity Pittman rushed her 20-month-old child to the hospital on Friday, October 25, Conner Perry, she told the doctors that her son had injured himself while playing on the trampoline. However, the medical professionals were not convinced as they discovered that the injuries suffered by the infant were not consistent with that of falling from a trampoline.

The baby had a broken jaw, cuts and bruises on his face, missing teeth, bleeding on his brain, and his abdomen was full of blood. Perry died at the hospital, The Sun reported.

Upon being questioned by the police later, Pittman confessed that she was angry with her son because he had soiled his diaper and was refusing to listen to her. As a result, she lost her patience and hit her child several times. At one point, the baby fell on the floor and hit his head against the concrete at their home.


She then claimed that the infant fell asleep at around 8:30 pm on the same day and she went to work, leaving him and his four-year-old sister in the care of her boyfriend, Jeremy Davis, 24.

According to the authorities, Pittman told her boyfriend the same fake account of Perry falling from the trampoline. While at work, she received a call from Davis telling her that her son was vomiting and having trouble breathing. She returned home and took the infant to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. 

"Trinity Pittman exhibited general disregard for the welfare of her own child, Conner Perry, and acted out of personal spite towards the child leading to physical injury," Pittman's arrest warrant stated. 

Pittman was charged with felony murder and first-degree child cruelty and was being held without bond in the Coweta County Jail.


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