Georgia puppy mill operator arrested after more than 700 dogs were found housed in tiny crates stacked one on top of the other

The puppies were found in what authorities are claiming to be inhumane conditions, but fortunately they have now been rescued.

                            Georgia puppy mill operator arrested after more than 700 dogs were found housed in tiny crates stacked one on top of the other

A 58-year-old Georgia man, Reason Craig Gray, has been arrested after it was found that he had left almost 700 dogs, most of which were puppies, under inhumane conditions. According to the local police, the man who hails from Nashville and runs a licensed pet breeding business, was charged with cruel treatment against animals and was jailed for obstruction. Gray, who operates a massive kennel called "Georgia Puppies" in his home, was handcuffed a week after the Georgia Department of Agriculture completed an inspection of his business and notified the Berrien County Sheriff's Office. 

A statement given out by the Sheriff's Office stated, 'he admitted he brought more puppies back to the Barney Parker Road Property. Investigators with the Berrien County Sheriff’s Office immediately obtained a search warrant for Gray’s business known as “Georgia Puppies” and executed it with Berrien County Animal Control on standby.' It was also mentioned in the statement, that according to Sheriff Paulk, "During the search, an additional 85 dogs were taken into rescue by our animal control, and other rescue agencies.” The statement notified, "It is believed that Reason Craig Gray had moved these dogs (most being young puppies) out sometime during the voluntary surrender of the 630 plus dogs last week and brought them back to the property a day or two later."


According to CBS News, Gray was named on the Humane Society's "Horrible Hundred 2018" list that indicates "trouble" kennel operators and facilities. He was also cited last year for dogs housed permanently in temporary enclosures and dogs found without adequate space. Fortunately, some of the puppies were taken in by Releash Atlanta, a non-profit that works to save dogs from high kill shelters throughout Georgia. Among the rescued pups, one was a  pooch named Jordan Knight, who was sleeping while standing –– even with a doggie bed next to him, on his first night away the kennel, which clearly indicates how petrified the pet must have been even at thought of its own comfort. 



On their Facebook post regarding Jordan, the organization stated, "He has likely lived his entire life sleeping like this, learning to get comfortable standing, which is why even their toenails grow straight out versus curling. This is what pure greed did to this dog. He is so unfamiliar with a home and his surroundings that he’s living as if he was still in those cages piled on top of other dogs just trying to stay alive and get comfortable any way he had to." As for the authorities, Paulk maintains, "There are many questions yet to be answered and one huge one is how this licensed pet dealer was allowed to have an operation with this many beautiful creatures to be able to populate to the point of being out of control and inhumane.” 

Another animal shelter which is also taking in these animals described in a Facebook post the inhumane conditions in which the dogs were kept, with them being housed in tiny crates and stacked one on top of the other, matted and covered in feces.