Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to impeach Joe Biden for 'abuse of power' on Day 1 of presidency

The lawmaker, who is known to be a supporter of QAnon conspiracy theory, cited Biden's alleged links with Ukraine and China to demand his removal from office

                            Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene plans to impeach Joe Biden for 'abuse of power' on Day 1 of presidency
President Joe Biden and Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump on Wednesday, January 13, became the first American commander-in-chief to own a dubious record. The Democratic-controlled House impeached him on charges of inciting insurrection and it made him the first-ever president to get impeached twice in his tenure. While Trump avoided humiliation last time after the Republican-controlled Senate acquitted him, the situation looks tougher for him this time as voices against him have emerged from the GOP as well following the mob violence at the Capitol Hill on January 6.

But while the temperamental 45th president’s political future looked in jeopardy in the wake of the second impeachment, his loyalists were yet upbeat. One among them is Marjorie Taylor Greene, a newly elected GOP Congresswoman who has warned of filing articles of impeachment against the incoming president, Joe Biden, on his very first day in office. Greene, who had run unopposed in Georgia’s conservative 14th congressional district in the November 2020 elections, is known for her support for the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory and has been criticized in the past for her racist views, came up with the announcement on Twitter on Jan 13.

She said: “On January 21, 2021, I'll be filing Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden for abuse of power.”



'GOP will stand up for Americans despite being minority in Congress'

In another tweet the same day, she posted again: “On January 21st, I’m filing Articles of Impeachment on President-elect @JoeBiden. 75 million Americans are fed up with inaction. It’s time to take a stand. I’m proud to be the voice of Republican voters who have been ignored.” She posted this tweet linking a video of her interview with Greg Kelly of Newsmax TV in which she said: “We have to make sure that our leaders are made accountable.” She said the US could not afford to have a president who is willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and can be easily bought off by foreign governments -- by Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies. 



When Kelly asked the first-time Congress member whether she could make it happen or was the announcement just a symbolic one, given the fact that the GOP is in minority in the House, Greene, 46, said she always believed in having people in the office willing to do the job and couldn’t imagine people living in fear under the Biden presidency that they resort to committing violence as it was seen at the Capitol on January 6. Condemning the violence, Greene said the people of the US needed hope and they should know that there are GOP members in the Congress who are willing to stand up for them despite being in the minority.

Greene attacked Biden over his alleged dealings with Ukraine over his businessman son Hunter. She accused Biden as one who is never afraid of openly abusing power and her threat to initiate an impeachment procedure against him is in alignment with that feeling. The Congresswoman was seen wearing a mask with the word "CENSORED" written on it when the House voted to impeach Trump. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Getty Images)

Greene on Tuesday, January 12, posted a message on Twitter in which she blamed Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the spread of Covid-19 among some members of the Congress who ran for cover during the mob attack at the Capitol last week. While the House members were sequestered, many GOP members refused to wear masks, as dictated by House rules enacted since the pandemic started. 

Washington Democratic Representative Pramila Jayapal said in a tweet that she contracted the virus after getting locked in a secured room during the protest where many GOP members did not wear masks and mocked colleagues and staff members who offered them the facewear. Videos showed Greene also refused a mask and said later that healthy people do not spread Covid. 

On Jan 12, Greene responded to Jayapal’s post saying: “Before you point fingers at me or anyone else, you need to talk directly to @SpeakerPelosi about exposing ALL of us to covid when she called back POSITIVE covid House members last week for votes for Speaker.”


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