Petition to send Trump into space and leave him there signed by 200K as he promised to leave US if he lost

During a rally in Georgia in October, Trump had threatened to leave the country if he were to lose the election

                            Petition to send Trump into space and leave him there signed by 200K as he promised to leave US if he lost
Donald Trump (Getty Images)

“We are all tired of hearing about what outrageous thing that Donald Trump has said, done, wants to do, believes, etc. My solution to this is to send him into space and leave him there. If this petition gets enough signatures I will attach a link to where you can donate to make this happen. It wont be cheap, but it will be worth while,” says a petition that has been making the rounds on the internet after the president lost the 2020 election to president-elect Joe Biden.

During a rally in Georgia in October, Trump threatened to leave the country should he lose the election. “Could you imagine if I lose?” he said. “I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country, I don’t know,” said the President.

Inspired by the speech, Wayne State University student Autumn Boehle wrote the petition and more than 213,000 people have already signed it.

“Wait, didn't trump and his base promise to leave the country if he lost? I think they did. To which I say...Get to stepping,” wrote a user. When a Fox host wrote, “The fight is not over. We won’t stop till voter fraud is exposed and ENDED! Our PRESIDENT @realDonaldTrump will keep fighting,” another twitter user responded saying, “So when Russia interfered with the 2016 election it was ok and fine but now cause @realDonaldTrump lost the election its voter fraud, Get over yourself @TomiLahren or you can leave this country.”




Another user extended sympathies to Trump for losing his job during the pandemic and wrot: “It’s tragic that someone has lost their job during this pandemic. Hope you find a new job soon but it’s thought out there ;) Do you know where you are moving too? Since u said if Biden wins, you‘ll leave the country?” One user claimed Trump supporters are not patriots as they talk about leaving the country, “Lol, what's with all the Trump bots wanting to leave for a "where it looks like they know how to run a real country". The Patriots are still here, we are not fleeing... GTFOH”




A user noted Trump did a horrible job of running the country and he should leave in peace. They wrote:"You had your run... the truth is in the pudding. You did not do a good job for the whole country... so they voted you out. Pack your bags and leave with some dignity. It’s ok. You will be ok.” While another user offered $20 dollars to Trump to help the process of leaving the White House, “FLASH:Let’s remind trump supporters their promise & trump’s promise as well.U along w/trump promised to leave the Country.
Please, if there’s 1 promise you should keep it’s leaving Our Great Country & taking trump along w/you. I’ll gladly throw in a $20 to help you on your way.”




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