Georgia couple sends contractor back after he shows up to work with huge Confederate flag on his truck

Georgia couple sends contractor back after he shows up to work with huge Confederate flag on his truck

A black homeowner in Georgia reportedly turned away a white contractor after she saw a huge Confederate flag flying from the back of his truck. The incident, which was captured in a video, shows a man getting out of his vehicle and walking toward the flag the moment the homeowner, identified as Allison Brown, comes out with her husband Zeke.

After spotting the racist flag, Brown can be heard saying in the clip: "Hi, you know what, I do apologize. I know you've come from a very long way but we're going to use someone else." Her husband, who is seen standing beside her says: "She's upset with the flag."

Brown, a radiation therapist, however, quips: "No, I'm beyond upset with the flag." The contractor is then heard telling Brown that he "can take it down." To which she responds: "No, you don't need to take it down. You continue to believe what you need to believe sir, but no, I cannot pay you for your service." 

The man is then seen getting back into his truck and driving off as the large flag continues flying from the back of the vehicle. 


The Confederate flag, which was used by the seceded Southern states or the Confederacy during the Civil War, is controversial in the United States due to its longstanding association with racism, slavery, segregation, and white supremacy. Multiple extremist and white supremacy groups have adapted the flags in recent times to state their aversion to the growing diversity in the country.


The clip was shared by Ryan Spann on Facebook along with the background information about what had occurred in the video. Spann said that the man was a general contractor who had arrived at his uncle Zeke's house on Sunday, June 30, to replace the brakes on their golf cart.

"When he arrived my aunt caught his huge confederate flag hanging on the back of his truck. Trust no work was done that day... she cordially thanked him for making the trip but we're good love enjoy," Spann wrote in his post. He added that the incident occurred in Atlanta, Georgia. 


The video soon became viral, receiving more than 2.4k views and comments, with many in agreement with Brown refusing to allow the man to work at their home.

One Facebook user wrote: "How the contractor thinks he gone make money in an urban setting with a rebel flag? #stupid" while another wrote: "'He really thought he was going to do some half azz work and get paid by a black family! Not today SATAN!"

"Talking bout he can take it down, fool should not have drove up to a business with it on in the first place," one person said.  Many others commended Brown for handling the situation "extremely well".


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