George Stephanopoulos slammed as ‘Joe’s handler’ for asking Biden softball questions during town hall

George Stephanopoulos slammed as ‘Joe’s handler’ for asking Biden softball questions during town hall
Joe Biden, George Stephanopoulos (Getty Images)

With the November elections less than a month away, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and current president Donald Trump are seen indulging in their respective campaigns quite vigorously. On October 15, the presidential candidates held separate town halls, after Trump backed out from the second presidential debate which was scheduled to take place last week. 

While Trump's event held in Miami was aired on NBC from 8 pm to 9 pm, moderated by the Australian-born American broadcast journalist and attorney Savannah Guthrie, Biden's segment aired on ABC from 8 pm to 9:30 pm from Philadelphia, which was hosted by TV host and former Democratic advisor, George Stephanopoulos.

The town-hall style segments saw the candidates answer questions directly from the voters. During the event, Biden was questioned about a range of issues such as his opinion on fracking, transgender rights, and Trump's foreign policy. Meanwhile, Trump spoke about Obamacare, a '400 miles of border wall' and recovery of economy following the impact of the pandemic. 

Soon after the events in both the locations concluded, Twitterati swamped the platform with posts implying Stephanopoulos favored Biden throughout, without asking him any tough question during the moderation, while Guthrie constantly debated with Trump. 

In no time, Stephanopoulos began trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons, as more and more Internet users surfaced to question the television host about his ethics as a journalist while slamming for being too easy on Biden. 

One twitter user who seems to be irked by Stephanopoulos' moderation, expressed in a tweet, "George Stephanopoulos has wandered aimlessly into a act of spontaneous journalism. Asking stuttering Joe about the supreme court. bidens will pack the Supreme Court." Another noted, "George Stephanopoulos looked and acted more like Joe's handler again rather than an unbiased moderator #BidenTownHall" One tweeted, "George Stephanopoulos, showing just how LITTLE he really is. He has no guts or energy just like Biden. What a boring TownHall. @ABC. gets an F." Adding to the previous tweets another said, "Watching ABC, George Stephanopoulos, not interrupt Biden. At all!! Handling him with soft mittens so he don’t fall apart. A joke!"











Meanwhile, the majority of them have called on Stephanopoulos for not once bringing up the recent New York Post story about the alleged emails exchanged between the Bidens and Ukrainian officials, which had stirred up one of the biggest controversies ever. 

One tweeted, "Watching Biden on #BidenTownHall not being asked questions about Hunter Biden's emails. You know George Stephanopoulos won't ask about this... 'don't worry, unlike Pop I won't make you give me half your salary.'~ Hunter Biden to family members." Another wrote, "Joe Biden was not asked in the town hall about the NY Post's story on Hunter Biden's emails.@GStephanopoulos is a COMPLETE fraud  #BidenTownHall@jdtcnt". One wrote," find it extremely concerning @GStephanopoulos
&/or the citizens in the audience didn’t ask @JoeBiden abt the #emails recently uncovered & reported by the @nypost- how are we supposed to believe tht the media is objective if they can’t ask about bombshells stories abt #theleft?"







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