George Michael's boyfriend makes explosive claim that singer took his own life after four failed attempts

The singer's death was reported to be due to liver and heart disease but his boyfriend Fadi Fawaz claims George was finally successful at his fifth attempt at suicide.

                            George Michael's boyfriend makes explosive claim that singer took his own life after four failed attempts
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Singer George Michael died two years ago on Christmas Eve, however, now his former boyfriend has made some shocking claims with regards to his death. George's lover Fadi Fawaz is now claiming that the star passed away on Christmas Eve 2016 after being successful in his fifth attempt at suicide.

According to The Sun, Fadi is now revealing what happened on that Christmas day. Fadi had previously shared that he did not find 53-year-old George dead until Christmas Day but made the new claims in emails. He allegedly wrote in emails seen by The Sun that the singer had died a day before Christmas and not on the day as previously thought. He wrote, "I’m sick and tired of people asking me what happened on Christmas Day." 

"Well let me tell you, George died on his mother’s birthday, so that might answer a few questions. Not to mention it took five attempts to manage to end his life. I think it’s important for the story," he continued. Fadi claims to have found George's body at home in Goring, Oxon during lunchtime. The results of the post-mortem were never released to the public as per the request of the family. 

It is reported that George passed away due to liver and heart disease on Christmas day in the year 2016. Fadi had initially shared on Twitter that the singer killed himself after a number of attempts at his own life in January 2017. The tweets read, "Not sure who that nasty close friend of George (sic) but I was in a relationship with George Michael till I found him dead in bed."  

"The only thing George wanted is to die. He tried numbers of times to kill himself and finally, he managed. We loved each other very much and were together almost 24 hours a day," he continued. However, the tweets were deleted soon after and the account was shut down. 

Later on, Fadi shared that the account had been hacked. He also said that he was sleeping in his car on the night of George's death and revealed that the singer died alone. Suicide was like a dark shadow on his life which took a toll on George and his family after the deaths of his uncle and granddad. 

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Michael always lived in constant fear that history would repeat itself. His uncle Collin was believed to be secretly gay and committed suicide on the day that George was born in the year 1963. It is reported that George's grandfather was very heartbroken by his son's death and also killed himself in the same manner. 

"They’d both put their heads in the gas oven. And, lucky old mum, she found both of them," George revealed. Due to the deaths, the singer resorted to hiding his sexuality from his mother Lesley Harrison until he was around 29-years-old. Lesley always lived in terror that he would end up inheriting the "gay gene" and would suffer the same fate. 

In an interview in the year 2007, George said, "My mother had this fear of me being gay. She had this definite fear that I was going to be like her brother. She thought it meant I wouldn’t cope with life." George’s mother who was born on December 24, 1938 died after a cancer battle in 1997.

On coping with the grief of his mother's death, George said, "I was in the black hole. I just used to sleep and sleep. Some days I could barely put one foot in front of the other. I think I might have been one of those cowards who chose a nasty way out." After the singer passed away, he left behind an estate worth £105million.

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George's friend Andros Georgiou said, "The will is all done but the probate is still holding it. Wills are public once read but I think George’s family are trying to stop that. That’s what the delay is. They want it to be sealed like the toxicology report was after his death." 

"In terms of the will contents, I heard the Goring house will be sold but Highgate will remain for a while. It’s kind of a base for the family. Fadi Fawaz and Kenny Goss are not included in the will. But Fadi may get the house in Regent’s Park just to keep him quiet," he continued. 

At the time of his death, George's death, his sister's Yioda and Melanie wrote on his website, "This year has been a series of new and tough challenges for those of us close and loyal to Yog, not least of which was steeling ourselves this month to hear Last Christmas and December Song streaming out of shops, cars, and radios, as they have done for decades, knowing he’s no longer here with us, missing him." 

"This Christmas will be hard without him but we know we are not alone in mourning the anniversary of his loss, and that the sadness of our wider family and true friends is shared by many of you".  

 "Yog, who loved Christmas, and always hoped it would snow . . . would want each of you that admired and loved him . . . to take a moment, raise a glass, enjoy his music and think of him fondly, making sure to enjoy your time with, and appreciate your family and friends.

"Yog shared his music with all of us, and many of you connected deeply with his words, yet in life, many hold their own important words and feelings inside, as so often they are the hardest to say out loud. So if you can, in his memory this year, take a moment and a deep breath and say those ‘I love you’s’ out loud. We all think there is time, don’t we? But, just maybe, it’s later than you think . . . "

Now, answering these claims Fadi made in the email, a spokesperson from the singer's estate has since responded to OK! Online, denying them: "As you know we do not normally comment on private matters, whether true or false, the suggestion that George Michael’s death was suicide is simply wrong and impossible to reconcile with the findings of the Coroner, who after a thorough investigation concluded, that Mr Michael died of natural causes. As any informed reporter would know, if there were any doubt as to the Coroner’s conclusions as to the cause of George’s tragic death, he would have been obliged to hold a Public Inquest. 

"He did not do so. These facts in our view speak for themselves. It is very distressing for the family and friends of Mr Michael who have already suffered the trauma of his untimely passing to still be faced with inaccurate and upsetting stories of this nature."