George Floyd protests: High-end stores vandalized in SoHo, rioters make off with clothes, shoes and accessories

Gucci, Chanel, Versace, Rolex and Apple were among luxury brands stores looted in SoHo

                            George Floyd protests: High-end stores vandalized in SoHo, rioters make off with clothes, shoes and accessories
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As George Floyd protest riots continue to spread across the US, looters are breaking into stores and stealing whatever they can get their hands on. During one such Black Lives Matter protest, which is underway in SoHo, Manhattan, miscreants are seen breaking glasses of high-end stores and boutiques and grabbing boxes of clothes, shoes and accessories while being chased down by the cops.

Several videos depicting the same are widely circulating on the internet with many expressing concern over their safety as the protest is spreading like a wildfire with the situation only getting worse by each passing hour. The stores that are being vandalized by the looters include luxury brands such as Rolex, Gucci and Apple among many others. People are seen rushing out of broken windows with a handful of bags and jumping onto the vehicles waiting outside before getting arrested by the cops, who are constantly patrolling the region.

However, one of the Twitter users shared that SoHo has been ‘wiped clean’ despite the interference by the police. “It’s 3.11 a.m. Helicopters still roaring above me. Police sirens, fire engines, and honking cars racing down my streets. #nycprotests #NoJusticeNoPeace #soho #sohonyc,” said a user. 

"To me... the purpose is lost and certain ppl are just being rebellious in Soho," tweeted a local resident.
"There is no excuse for and nothing noble about what the mob is doing in NYC tonight. My one consolation while Soho burns is that bookstores, at least, appear to be safe from this nihilistic-materialistic lot," said a user.

Meanwhile, a few have shared a rather different opinion about the same, saying the stores deserved to be broken into and have their content dragged to the streets, owing to their treatment of black people and a leaning towards the wealthy class. One tweet read, "Soho area of Manhattan, New York known as a favorite spot of the U.S. wealthy elite has been liberated by protesters who have raided multiple high-end stores, including a Versace and a Chanel.”

“Y’all really mad Gucci and Prada are getting looted in SoHo. They spit in Black people’s face on the regular. They laugh at us and make money off us. They are part of the problem,” a furious internet user wrote. 

"Where were you tonight as looters, rioters, people destroy property, etc., emptied out NYC SoHo neighborhood. I hope the owners do not rebuild in NYC. Come down to Florida where we will appreciate you & not tax you to death for no police protection. @GovRonDeSantis," said a user.

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