George Floyd's brother, Joe Biden, Oprah praise Darnella Frazier for recording viral 'I can't breathe' video

After Derek Chauvin was convicted, Darnella Frazier in a Facebook post said, 'George Floyd we did it!! Justice has been served'

                            George Floyd's brother, Joe Biden, Oprah praise Darnella Frazier for recording viral 'I can't breathe' video
Joe Biden, Philonise Floyd, and Oprah. (Getty Images)

Derek Chauvin was found guilty of all three charges levied against him in the case of George Floyd's killing on April 20. As of now, the sentencing is yet to take place but it is believed that Chauvin could be sentenced to prison time anywhere between 12 years and above, depending on the judge's discretion. In the face of this verdict, the country has commended the young girl who had recorded the horrifying final moments of George Floyd's life as he struggled to breathe and bystanders pleaded with Derek Chauvin to let him go. 

Darnella Frazier's video was the one that had sparked countrywide protests that spoke for Black lives and the Black Lives Matter movement. In the face of the verdict that was welcomed by people who had been protesting to get justice for George Floyd, Frazier has been commended by Floyd's brother Philonise, President Joe Biden, and Oprah Winfrey among others.


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Philonise Floyd spoke to TMZ and said that his brother would be "just another dead man" had Frazier not hit record on her phone. He had pointed out how before the video was posted, the initial police report had attempted to sweep the incident under the rug by calling Floyd's death a medical incident. However, the video proved that Chauvin had held his knee to George's neck for over 8 minutes despite his shouts for help and claims that he couldn't breathe. He also said that Frazier was an unsung hero whose actions got his brother the justice he deserved. 

President Joe Biden during his remarks to the nation on Tuesday, April 20, had referred to Frazier and called her a "brave young woman". Oprah Winfrey also spoke about the case, and she spoke of Frazier and said that she was, "grateful for Darnella Frazier". Actor Kerry Washington also spoke of her and called her a "hero". She also added, "her bravery in that moment must never be forgotten."

Minneapolis governor spoke of the case earlier this week and noted that Frazier's video "is maybe the only reason Derek Chauvin will go to prison." Valerie Jarrett, who served as a senior advisor Barack Obama in the past said "history should remember" Frazier for her strength and composure, as "without her video, there may never have been justice." 

Mary Trump posted the first report that the police had filed in relation to George Floyd's case. This report read, "Man dies after medical incident during police interaction". In her tweet caption, she wrote, "Without Darnella Frazier's video:", referring to how, without the video posted by Frazier, the police report is what would have been taken as the 'true' version of events. 


Frazier was with her 9-year-old cousin on the day Floyd died, and the two of them were on the way to get some snacks when she witnessed what took place between the cops and Floyd. She hit record on her phone and ended up uploading the video on Facebook in May 2020. After the verdict was out, she posted on her Facebook, "George Floyd we did it!! Justice has been served."

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