Son finds father's body buried in basement decades after his mother told him that he had left them

George Carroll went missing around 60 years ago and was discovered buried in his own basement after his wife told people he had skipped town

                            Son finds father's body buried in basement decades after his mother told him that he had left them

A skeleton was discovered in the basement of a home located in Long Island, New York in October and it was positively identified as the remains of a Korean war veteran who had vanished around 60 years ago. 

As reported by PEOPLE, prosecutors shared that an investigation is taking place as to what happened to the missing man, George Carroll. It is unclear how he was killed and then buried in his family's property for such a long time. The Lake Grove house is currently owned by George's son Michael Carroll.

For many years, Michael refused to believe his mother's story that his father went out for cigarettes one night while leaving his wallet back at home in 1961 and then never returned. 


Around the time of his father's disappearance, Michael was just 8-months-old. When he grew up, he looked into psychics, paranormal investigators, and other experts to help him uncover the truth. In late October, specialized tools were used to scan the basement floor which led to the discovery of a perfectly intact skeleton which had been buried around 5ft below the ground. 

Upon excavating the site, Michael and his sons found George's remains and then proceeded to call 911. Homicide detectives were called in to investigate and look into the case. Michael's mother and George's wife Dorothy Carroll died in the year 1998 and, until her last day, maintained that George had just simply skipped town and had left her alone to raise and bring up four children.

According to 'Newsday', Michael shared that he had always suspected that something horrible had happened to his father and, at this point, was just happy enough to know that George had been found. Michael is presently looking into planning a proper burial for George which will take place at the Calverton National Cemetery on Long Island. 

Michael also added that he is alright not knowing who killed his father. Given that so many decades have passed by since the homicide, it is not possible to determine the exact cause of death. However, when the body was tested, it was revealed that George sustained blunt force trauma which contributed to his death. Detectives are requesting people with any information to come forward and contact the Suffolk County Homicide Squad at 631-852-6392.