'Generation' Full Cast List: Meet Justice Smith, Martha Plimpton, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and rest of the actors from HBO Max dramedy series

'Generation' Full Cast List: Meet Justice Smith, Martha Plimpton, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett and rest of the actors from HBO Max dramedy series
HBO Max's 'Generation' is set to premiere on March 11 (HBO Max)

After the more artsy 'We are Who We Are' HBO Max is settling for more mainstream teenage comedy drama fare with Lena Dunham-produced 'Generation' that offers a peek into the chaotic, relationship drama filled lives of teenagers in 2021. It is a winning formula that 'Euphoria' has already proved. Described as a "dark yet playful half-hour dramedy", it follows a group of high school students whose exploration of modern sexuality tests deeply entrenched beliefs about life, love, and the nature of family in their conservative community.

The ensemble cast and how they act together is therefore the single most important thing that will decide the success of the series. Till now, with the exception of actors for two lead characters, the rest are all newcomers. 

Justice Smith as Chester

Justice Smith as Chester in 'Generation' (HBO Max)

Justice Smith plays a high school senior. Queer, a deep thinker, a star water polo player, and a straight-A student, Chester is also fabulous, funny, and fearless. Chester pushes boundaries and resists labels in every way. Despite his seemingly friendly and open nature, there’s a deeper mystery behind his loneliness. Smith recently starred in the live-action Pokemon movie 'Detective Pikachu'. He also starred in 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom', 'Paper Towns' and Baz Luhrmann’s hip hop Netflix series 'The Get Down'. 


Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Sam

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett attends "Fashionscapes: The Diamonds of Botswana" documentary screening at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge on February 5, 2020 in Brooklyn, New York.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett plays Sam, who is not your typical guidance counselor. Sam’s strength lies in his authenticity while relating to students and a part of him always wishes he was as bold and fearless as his students. Stewart-Jarrett is perhaps best known to UK audiences for his lead roles in 'Misfits' and Channel 4 series 'Utopia'. On the film side, he was involved in Jordan Peele’s reboot of the classic horror film Candyman set. On television, he led an episode of AMC’s anthology series 'Soulmates'. He has also appeared in NBC’s 'Inbetween' and CW’s 'Supergirl'. 


Martha Plimpton as Megan

Martha Plimpton as Megan (HBO Max)

Martha Plimpton, was chosen to play Megan, a magnetic Adderall-fueled type-A Orange County mother whose core convictions clash with the values of her children’s generation. Martha Plimpton rose to prominence in the Richard Donner film 'The Goonies'. She has appeared in films like Parenthood (1989), 'Raising Hope' (2010) and 'Small Town Murder Songs' (2011).Most recently, she starred in 'The Real O'Neals', an ABC sitcom that aired from March 2016 to March 2017. For her role in Fox sitcom 'Raising Hope', she earned a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. She has also received three Tony Award nominations as well as a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series in 2002, and again in 2012 as attorney Patti Nyholm in the CBS legal drama The Good Wife, the latter of which she won.


Chase Sui Wonders as Riley, Justice Smith as Chester, Uly Schlesinger as Nathan, Haley Sanchez as "Greta" (HBO Max)

Uly Schlesinger as Nathan 

Uly Schlesinger plays Nathan, brother to twin sister Naomi. He struggles over how to reveal his bisexuality to his somewhat conservative parents. Among his peers, he is more open and is not shy about his crush on Chester. Uly Schlesinger is a newcomer cast in the series. He dabbled in theatre while attending high school, took acting and improv classes. This eventually led to his move to New York city to attend school full time for acting. 


Chloe East as Naomi

Chloe East as Naomi (HBO Max)

Chloe East essays the part of Naomi, sister to twin brother Nathan. At age 10. East played the role of Gloria in Fredrick Knott's 'Wait Until Dark". She also starred in HBO's 'True Blood', appeared as Jessica Darling in the film 'Jessica Darlings It List' on Netflix and in Disney's 'Liv and Maddie Cali Style'. In 2017, she was cast as a series regular on ABC's 'Kevin Probably Saves The World' and most recently she was seen in Jim Cummings upcoming film 'The Werewolf'. 


Nathanya Alexander as Arianna

Nathanya Alexander in Ocean 8 (IMDb)

The daughter of two gay dads like 19-year-old co-creator Zelda Barnz herself, Arianna, played by Nathanya Alexander, deflects attention from her 'unusual' family by making jokes and sometimes insensitive remarks. Nathanya is also a relative newcomer to the acting world but she did star 'Oceans 8' playing the cool teen hacker "Veronica". 


Chase Sui Wonders as Riley

Chase Sui Wonders plays Riley, often a voice of reason among the other more self-destructive teens. Chase Sui Wonders is an actress and director, known for A Trivial Exclusion 2009), Last Migration (2015) and On the Rocks (2020).

'Generation' premieres on HBO Max on Thursday, March 11, 2021


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