'General Hospital' spoilers: Griffin and Kiki turn up the heat

Prepare for the heartbreaking scene where Michael spends time rocking Wiley. If only he knew that the truth was right in his arms!

                            'General Hospital' spoilers: Griffin and Kiki turn up the heat

General Hospital (GH) spoilers for Thursday, September 20, predict that this episode will be all about the babies! Find out what your favorite characters of Port Charles are dealing with today. 


Michael (Chad Duell), who is mourning his son, will find that babies love him just as much as he loves them. He will miss his son who he thinks is dead in this episode. Prepare for the heartbreaking scene where he spends time rocking Wiley. If only he knew that the truth was right in his arms! He is such an excellent father but as naive as the character is, our hearts go out for him. Wiley is sick since he has a heart condition. Everyone is worried, especially Lucas (Ryan Cranes) and Brad (Parry Shen). Will Brad's plan to keep Wiley be jeopardized? The hospital will need more information and the more he reveals the more the chances of him losing the battle. Meanwhile, Oscar is still ill and struggling.

Ava (Maura West) may be done with the revenge plan. She fights with Kiki (Hayley Erin) once again but she knows that she doesn't want to jeopardize things with her daughter - she wouldn't want to be a monster. Kiki is tired of Ava's behavior and decides to take a breather from her. Their relationship is fragile and from the way Ava's burning bridges around town, she's gonna need her daughter's support. She even tells Julian that she will not let her go. She's thinking of blaming Griffin (Matt Cohen) for everything. 

Meanwhile, Kiki and Griffin continue to heat things up. There's no air conditioning and the two are mighty hot in their tank tops trying to order takeout. Is there an exotic bite somewhere for this unemployed man? Earlier Griffin met Kiki at GH and told her that he's broken and that the job was the one thing that had always kept him going. He had said as though Ava took away the one thing that he had. Kiki had melted and comforted him. For these two, the worst comes true when Ava walks in! 

Meanwhile, Mike (Max Gail) tries to save Sonny (Maurice Bernard) by trying to get him to let go. He wants to move to the memory care institution as soon as possible. It's tough for these two, especially for Mike.

Jordan in the meantime pressurizes Sonny. She's had a change of heart for Mike, seeing how sick he is. But Sonny is not bothered. She tells him he better be prepared to face the consequences of what he's done. Margaux and Jordan are still snooping around for more. I guess we finally know what Margaux wants!

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