General Hospital spoilers: Will the sins of the past catch up with Sonny?

A tough day for your Port Charles favorites. General Hospital spoilers say that no crime will go unpunished.

                            General Hospital spoilers: Will the sins of the past catch up with Sonny?

An emotional episode for sure - Friday, September 14 spoilers paint a day full of danger and emotional outbreaks for the characters of Port Charles. You don't want to miss this!


Oscar is still suffering but he doesn't know what is wrong with him. Drew (Billy Miller) meanwhile is plagued with the guilt of having to keep this knowledge a secret and feels it is extremely wrong to do so. He tells Kim (Tamara Braun) that he cannot take it anymore and gets the exact response that he fears. He tells her how he feels, but Kim’s not having this emotional turbulence get the best of him. She tells him that she raised him and she has the right to decide. She was the one who went through the trouble of bringing him up so who is he to think he can break the news, she thinks. In private, she realizes that this is much harder than she expected it to be. She clams down and tells Drew that they really need to set some boundaries of what he can and cannot do. 

Sam in the meantime sees Oscar's bandage from the time he fought with Cam. She's concerned but will she find out the truth?

Nina (Michelle Stafford) is still on the search for her child and still believes that her child is out there somewhere and she must find her. Valentin in the meantime gets as much information out from Curtis as he can. Valentin is worried about telling Nina the truth but before he can break the news, Nina overhears them. What does she find out? Is her child still alive and somewhere close? 

Sonny has made up his mind to pay for his mistakes. Carly is not happy with the decision. After all, who would want to lose another loved one? Sadly, the decision may not be hers or his. Mike has been rethinking his decisions, especially after the fire at Charlie's and he comes to a decision. What does Mike decide to do? 

Julian isn't the only one concerned about the body in the basement anymore - Margaux and Jordan have caught wind of the matter and they are digging. What if they find something worthwhile and incriminating? 

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