General Hospital spoilers: A day of mayhem is on the cards for Mike and Nina

Mike makes a mistake and endangers his granddaughter and Valentin may know where Nina's baby is. You don't want to miss out Monday's episode!

                            General Hospital spoilers: A day of mayhem is on the cards for Mike and Nina

'General Hospital' spoilers: September 10 episode reveals a lot of dark secrets. One man, however, makes a terrible mistake. You don't want to miss out Monday's episode, it's going to leave you shocked for sure.


Mike (Max Gail) is on a mission. He wants to right some wrongs and he doesn't care who he is hurting along the way.  He reaches Charlie's Pub and you can see the rage in his eyes and he will tackle anyone who gets in his way, with the exception of his family.

Things he thinks he has done wrong in the past with Sonny (Maurice Benard) all those years ago.

He then goes on to make a huge mistake jeopardising a loved one in the process. Heading to the basement at Charlie’s, he meddles with the gas line in a moment of rage. As he is waiting for the worst to happen, he meets Kristina....

Here's when he knows he screwed up. He meets Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) who we know met with Julian to find work at his bar. She has no idea what is happening and suddenly Julian (William deVry) smells the leak and gets everyone to safety. Kristina in the meantime doesn't know why her grandfather is doing these things. She, in turn, makes a move that proves to be dangerous.

The mob side of Port Charles has its feathers ruffled. Jason (Steve Burton) tries to find out if the gun can be traced back to Sonny. Was it just him who buried the body? In the meantime, Michael (Chad Duell) and Carly (Laura Wright) meet and Carly is shocked to hear that her son has received a letter from Nella. The letter is addressed to her.  

Nina, on the other hand, is dealing with the death of her mother and she is now convinced more than ever that her daughter is alive. She would be a woman now, but Nina thinks that she may not be too far away from her. Maxie (Kirsten Storms), who is her friend and confidant thinks that it may be a trap and tells Nina to be careful. Little do they know that Curtis(Donell Turner) is already on the trail - he is working on the orders of Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). They make a breakthrough - he informs Valentine that Nina's mom Madeline wasn't playing around. She knew the truth. 

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