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Gayle King denies Oprah was involved with Meghan and Harry moving into Tyler Perry’s $18M mansion

King covered the wedding of the former royal couple back in 2018 and reminisced about the day on the occasion of its second anniversary
UPDATED MAY 21, 2020
Getty Images
Getty Images

In celebration of Harry and Meghan Markle's two-year anniversary, Gayle King, who had the opportunity to cover the wedding of the formerly royal couple back in 2018, opened up about how happy it made her to see them continue to live their fairytale after moving to Los Angeles with their son, Archie. 

"They've got a little baby, Archie, they're living in the United States, and I think the fairy tale continues for them and it just makes me happy," King, 65, told Entertainment Tonight. The 'CBS This Morning' co-host reflected back on the historic wedding which she remembers as if it happened recently. Apart from the fact that the younger son of Princess Diana was getting married to an American divorcee, the big day was also special because the British monarchy was gaining its first bi-racial duchess in history. 

King also denied rumors that her best friend, Oprah Winfrey, had anything to do with influencing Harry and Meghan to quit the royal family and move to LA to temporarily live in Tyler Perry's $18 million mansion -  something that the talk show host had denied herself earlier. "Oprah didn't hook that up. Harry and Meghan know people," King insisted. "Tyler knows people. Oprah knows people but she did not make that connection for Harry and Meghan to live in Tyler's house." 

"I'll never forget it either. The weather was perfect, she was gorgeous, they drove right by us on that balcony, we could see them, 'Hey, Harry and Meghan!' We had a great shot to see them," she recalled, adding that the cultural impact on the royal family that is known to go to extreme lengths to protect their traditions was huge.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle leave St George's Chapel after their wedding in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England.  (Getty Images)

"It was interesting that people came from all over the world, certainly the United States for two people that they had never met and probably, let's be honest, will never meet," King noted. "But everybody was so excited about the story and for the two of them and for what was to come. It really was, you know, here is Meghan Markle who we know - American number one, biracial number two, and falling in love. ...We all as little girls dream of, one day my prince will come. Well, for her he really did come, he really did come and that was very exciting for all of us."

On May 19, co-host of Entertainment Tonight, Kevin Frazier, who also covered the royal wedding along with King, posted a photo of them together at the venue on that big day.  "Two years ago today, one of my favorite assignments ever, broadcasting the #RoyalWedding with #GayleKing ... I have known Gayle forever, but this was our first time working together and it was incredible," he captioned it. "Let me be clear, I did not go there expecting the straight-up fairytale that it turned out to be. Windsor was so damn magical. Two things I will always remember... Harry giving us a shout out the day before, and all the women that traveled from the US to see the wedding. Who felt they were a part of Meghan’s fairytale. It’s an assignment that I will never forget."