Will Dianne Feinstein's early retirement replacement be Karen Bass? California Governor hints at senator pick

Talking during an interview on MSNBC's 'The ReidOut', California Governor, Gavin Newsom, was asked if he would name a Black woman to the seat in Senate if he had the chance

                            Will Dianne Feinstein's early retirement replacement be Karen Bass? California Governor hints at senator pick
Gavin Newsom's comment had Twitter users speculating that he would pick Karen Bass to replace Dianne Feinstein if she retired before her term was over (Getty Images)

Gavin Newsom, the California governor said he would appoint a Black woman to replace Senator Dianne Feinstein if she retires before her term is up in 2024 on Monday, March 15. Talking during an interview on MSNBC's 'The ReidOut', Newsom was asked if he would name a Black woman to the seat if he had the chance. "We have multiple names in mind and the answer is yes," he said.

Feinstein, at 87, is the oldest sitting US senator according to Boston Globe. She won her sixth election in 2018 and intends to serve her full term. The site also added she faced questions and pushback from the Democrats as they see her as too friendly with Republicans. "The senator has no plans to step down," Tom Mentzer, her spokesman, said in an email on March 15 after Newsom's remarks prompted media outlets to reach out to her. However, that didn't stop the chatter on Twitter.


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Netizens were responding to the tweet by MSNBC's 'The ReidOut' handle, which said: "'@joyannreid: "If Dianne Feinstein were to retire, will you nominate an African American woman to restore the seat that Kamala Harris is no longer in the Senate? And do you have a name in mind?' @gavinnewsom: 'We have multiple names in mind, the answer is yes.'". The tweet also had a clip of with Newsom's comment during the interview.


"I despise this. This is an extremely unfair, biased question to ask by a black host. What is Newsom supposed to say, 'no, I won’t nominate a black women, I’ll nominate whoever is best for the job??' It shouldn’t but that would give him a PR disaster!!" said one comment. Some felt he had an ulterior motive. "He's hoping black people will come out and save him like they did in Georgia... guess we'll have to wait and see...," a tweet remarked.

"Too late brohas, anyone could see that Rep. Lee, Rep. Bass, or Rep. Waters were all more suited/ deserving to have filled that seat and not because of the color of their skin, but rather each are multi-term congress members, proven advocates, fighters...but hey, good to be guv," one of the people remarked.

Ranking Member Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Getty Images)

Guesses about who Newsom's choice was also circulated. "IMO it's Karen Bass. She's crazy qualified, would make the progressives happy even if she's not Barbara Lee, is well liked by everyone in CA politics, is younger than Lee & Maxine by several years, is from S. California (which has been snubbed for years before Padilla), etc," one Twitter user opined.

"Yes! Straight out of Cali. He said 'yes' ~ I think you should appoint yours truly @SCarlottiTwee. We've been through this before, but I'm very very happy with Alex Padilla as the new senator. I love Diane Feinstein, I hope she endures she still has a lot of wisdom to share," reckoned another. "What ever happened to giving jobs to people based on skill, experience, talent. The world is mocking this great nation as it falls apart. So sad," a comment said.







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