‘Gangs of London’ Episode 3: Will Marian Wallace find out who was the ‘other woman’ in her husband Finn's life?

‘Gangs of London’ Episode 3: Will Marian Wallace find out who was the ‘other woman’ in her husband Finn's life?
Michelle Fairley as Marian Wallace (AMC/SKY)

Spoilers for ‘Gangs of London’ Episode 3

What was the secret that led to Finn Wallace's (Colm Meaney) death? ‘Gangs of London’ leaves that question hanging in the air right after the first episode where the most powerful criminal in London is shot dead. Mysteriously, every member of the family has a closet full of skeletons. The first glimpse of that was in the scene where Finn's driver Jack O'Doherty (Emmett J Scanlan) was killed by Ed Dumani (Lucian Msamati)

He slashed Jack's wrists and made it look like a suicide. Why did Ed have to kill Jack? Just before that, the two recalled the events of that tragic night and Ed said, “I'm tired of being the one holding this together...” to which Jack replies, “Look Ed, sooner or later they're going to find out... About her, and all of this.” Jack then blurted out, “F**k man, when they do know, they're gonna think why I didn't tell them.”

Within minutes, Ed told him his drink was spiked and slit his wrist with a sharp-edged knife. “For the good of the family Jack,” Ed said, adding, “Believe me, I have no enjoyment in this.” The biggest question that the scene left in mind was: Who is the “her” they were talking about? A keeper of Finn's secrets, Ed knew all about him. Does Ed know about a “woman” in his life other than his wife? Was Finn cheating on Marian? And will Marian find out about it soon?

‘Gangs of London’ (AMC/SKY)

The summary of the third episode reads, "Lale is asked to make an impossible decision. Will she choose her homeland or her family? Sean enacts a dangerous plan. Elliot takes on a new foe. Ed is confronted with shocking evidence of Finn’s deal with Luan." Well, every member of the family is a mastermind in their own right and Marian too has her ways. What will Marian do when she finds out about Finn's affair? As the next episode drops, we may soon find out who she really was and why Finn wanted another life with her. 

"Marian Wallace is the second scariest fictional female character after Mrs Wormwood from Matilda #GangsOfLondon," one fan posted on Twitter and another wrote, "Just binged the last few episodes of #GangsOfLondon - Michelle Fairley is unreal as Marian wow."





‘Gangs of London’ premiered on AMC Plus this October 1, 2020. The first three episodes aired on the premiere date and the rest of the 10-part series will be followed by weekly episodes on Thursdays.

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