Melisandre is still off the grid in 'Game of Thrones' season 8, but here's where she may be biding her time

She left for Volantis at the of Season 7 but promised to return since she is destined to die in the foreign land of Westeros.

                            Melisandre is still off the grid in 'Game of Thrones' season 8, but here's where she may be biding her time

This article may contain possible spoilers for 'Game of Thrones' season 8

HBO's 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 returned with a number of teary-eyed reunions and some much anticipated moments which have set into motion the beginning of an end which can practically go anywhere. However, even while we saw Lord Varys and Ser Davos, being all wise and discussing the most pressing matter in hand, the Red Woman, Melisandre, was certainly missing in action. Melisandre, a lot like Jaime Lannister, is a character who has literally undergone a complete change of heart, but the question remains how will she serve in the Great War now that the Long Night is here. 

We saw Melisandre for the last time in Season 7 when she exchanged some extremely secretive words with Lord Varys where she hinted to the audience that she and Varys are destined to die in the foreign land of Westeros. Melisandre left Dragonstone, once Jon and Daenerys were united- as she had pledged to bring fire and ice together- and the priestess rode off to the southern city of Volanti, for some unmentioned business. However, as she informed Varys that they will both die in Westeros, the return of her character is pretty evident. Chances are Melisandre went to make some special arrangements in Volantis to help the army in the North fight against the Night King. 

Before we can presume what Melisandre might contribute to the battle, it is important to understand where she comes from. She hails from Asshai, a city in the East where no children are born. A description of the city states, "There are no horses in Asshai, no elephants, no mules, no donkeys, no horses, no camels, no dogs. Such beasts, when brought there by ship, soon die. Those who walk the streets of Asshai are masked and veiled and have a furtive air about them. And there are no children in Asshai." The city is also notorious for its population of magicians, mostly fire wights, who are the undead mass residing in Asshai- just similar to the White Walkers who reside in the Land of Always Winter.

Melisandre always believed in the purpose of the Lord of the Light. (IMDb)

Chances are Melisandre has set off to Asshai to gain knowledge about ways to defeat the Night King, and in its subtle manner 'Game of Thrones' has always shown us the ones who attain knowledge always survive through even the worst calamities. Moreover, Melisandre is a priestess who worships the Lord of the Light and her monotheistic God is actually the exact opposite to the Great Other- which is basically the Night King. Worshippers of R'hllor (Lord of the Light) believe that the struggle between the Lord of Light and the Great Other will continue until a messianic figure, commonly called Azor Ahai, is reborn and claims his sword, Lightbringer.

She left Westeros after bringing Jon and Daenerys together. ((IMDb)

Chances are Melisandre knows who Azor Ahai is, as back in Season 7, she had a vision of a boy's face with a wolf and a thousand red eyes on a wooden face. Perhaps her journey to Essos is driven by the need to help Azor Ahai defeat the Great Other, as she might just try to find ways for Azor Ahai to bring out the Lightbringer. Whatever, it is, we still do not know if Melisandre will return in Episode 2 which airs on April 21, but she still has an extremely crucial role to play on the show.